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Excel Community round-up June 2021

Author: David Lyford-Smith

Published: 05 Jul 2021

Here are all the new Excel articles and webinars from the Excel Community in June 2021. Posts marked as public can be accessed by anyone; other articles are accessible to Excel Community & Tech Faculty subscribers and can be accessed by logging in to your ICAEW account.

Excel Community updates

Call for comments (public)
It was posted back in May, but there’s still time to get in your comments on the draft version of our latest Excel thought leadership publication, “How to review a spreadsheet”.

Your new Excel Community (public)
David Lyford-Smith outlines all the latest changes and updates to the offerings of the Excel Community.


10 everyday problems that Power Query solves best
Simon Hurst shows you how to make the most of Excel’s versatile data transformation tool, with a review of ten great use cases for the free add-in.

Simon also collated an accompanying list of further learning resources for Power Query here.

Excel Tip of the Week

396 – Revisiting showing formulas as text (public)
Whether you want to review the formulas easily on-screen or write out a formula for an example without it calculating, we have a few easy tips for you.

397 – Power Query: Looking up charge-out rates
How can you do a lookup in Power Query? What about for values that change over time?

398 – Notes vs comments
Office 365 has a new commenting experience, and a new name for the old one. We explain.

399 – Power Pivot: KPIs
Keep a visual track of how your Measures are measuring up with the in-built KPI functionality.

400 – VBA case study: Exhausting a question bank
The Tip of the Week reaches a milestone four hundred posts, and discusses how to model a complex situation in VBA.

Other blogs

What could possibly go wrong?
Simon shares some thoughts on good spreadsheet practice and the avoidance of error, as he goes for a countryside walk.

Summing a dynamic range
Modeller and Microsoft MVP Liam Bastick shows how to create a flexible date range for a sum, using the brand-new XLOOKUP function.

Excel, Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace, Power BI++: New tech features for Mar-May 21 (public)
MVP David Benaim shares the latest updates for Office 365 and beyond – including autocomplete in dropdown lists, Teams webinars, and automatic transcription in Word.

Exploring Charts (Graphs) in Excel - Part 7: Other chart types and their uses
John Tennent takes a look at charts beyond the basic line and bar – and how you can use them to communicate what’s going on in your business.

Excel Community Project: Rescuing the lost archive part 6
Simon demonstrates some additional visualisation options in Power BI, using the Community’s own archive as an example.

Intro to Financial Modelling - Part 17: Calculation Techniques - Loan Calculations (public)
John Yeldham of Mazars tackles the next section of our guide to the Financial Modelling Code, with a look at how to safely.

Excel community

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