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Making information systems work

Advancing thinking and debate


 Making Information Systems Work, the thought leadership programme of ICAEW's Tech Faculty, is about the successful application of IT by business and government.




What it's all about?

Digital technology is causing radical and fast changes to the ways that businesses, governments and individuals operate, communicate and interact. While creating many opportunities to achieve benefits, these changes are also leading to many challenges for businesses in their management of IT and its associated risks.

Our thought leadership work is grounded in some of the practical problems of making decisions about digital technology and using it effectively. We summarise and map out good practices to help with these problems, linking to wider faculty guidance and sharing different perspectives from around the world, academic research and business.

However, the effective implementation of good practices is often undermined by deeper questions of economics, politics, ethics, law, philosophy and business. Therefore, we also aim to uncover and explore these underlying questions and help decision makers in business and government to recognise and think about their own response to them.

What we are thinking about

We are building deeper understanding of how technology is impacting different aspects of the accountancy profession and considering the opportunities and challenges for the future. Areas of focus include:

  • Cyber security
  • Big data and analytics
  • Digitisation of tax
  • Blockchain technology

We welcome the input of all those interested in the area.

Contact Kirstin Gillon for more information.

What we've done

The Making Information Systems Work programme looks at how technology has transformed the way we do business and interact with each other. It studies the challenges businesses face to implement new information systems, as they become ever more complex.

The programme is based on three themes:




What's new?

Legal considerations and implications for cloud adoption

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Rachel Burnett 2017

There are a number of legal implications that should be considered by both accounting practices and small businesses in the UK before adopting cloud computing services.

Cloud adoption

IT Faculty January 2017

Read our three guides to cloud adoption – what are the risks and how to choose a cloud platform?

Digital transformation

IT Faculty April 2016

The guide to Digital Transformation outlines the business benefits including increased customer engagement, flexible working and more.

Providing Leadership in a Digital World

IT Faculty 2015

This thought leadership initiative looks at how the accountancy profession is changing as a result of digital technologies, and explores what the profession needs to do to stay relevant in the future.

Big data and analytics: the impact on the accountancy profession

Tech Faculty October 2019

Big data is creating many opportunities for businesses to derive greater insight from data, predict future outcomes more accurately and automate non-routine tasks. But the use of big data and analytics needs to be appropriate and subject to robust challenge. As a result, it’s important to build our understanding around what big data means, and this short report aims to inform decision makers in business and government about the opportunities and risks in this area.