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Resources to help you make the most out of Office software.

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Using Outlook effectively: 2 – tasks

Most accountants use Outlook for emails but often overlook the tasks feature. Making the most of tasks saves time, repetition and the fear of forgetting something.

Using Outlook: 1 – the calendar

Most accountants use Outlook for most of their appointments but few know how powerful the calendar function really is. This first in a series of three articles on using Outlook (2007) effectively focuses on how to make use of this function.

Power BI Desktop - Part two

Simon Hurst continues his guide to data display with some tips on how to keep up to date with changes and enhancements to customise your content.

Power BI Desktop - Part one

Power BI Desktop offers new ways to visualise and present data. In part one of his guide, Simon Hurst uses Facebook posts to demonstrate some of its capabilities.

Excel emojis

Although it's generally a good idea to keep reports as simple and clear as possible, the sparing use of unusual graphics can sometimes add to impact.