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Chartech: September/October 2019

Richard Anning reflects on international relations; topical tech news from around the world; George Quigley assesses cyber risk in the supply chain of small firms; time and relative dimension in spreadsheets; and will digital currency take off if Facebook is involved?

Cover story: How can technology deal with climate-related concerns?
As a historically resource-hungry and energy-intensive industry, how can tech begin to address climate-related concerns?

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New kids on the blockchain
Business owners spend a lot of time eyeing new technologies to ensure their practices don’t get left behind. One of the new technologies, blockchain, has seen an increasing role in business. Here, Jessica Pillow looks at the role blockchain has to play in business advisory services.

Byte size: Tech news roundup
A roundup of the latest news surrounding technology. This edition includes Facebook contractors transcribing audio chats, the arrival of 5G and its reliability, a report on how satisfied young people are with digital connectivity, and HMRC’s voice ID scheme breaching the General Data Protection Regulation.

An excel-lent adventure to the EUSPRIG conference
David Lyford-Smith recaps the 20th annual European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group conference in London, where he delivered the keynote speech as well as some Microsoft Excel training.

Book extract: The technology trap by Carl Benidikt Frey
Oxford academic Carl Benedikt Frey examines the role of technology in history and its potential for the future in this extract from his book, The Technology Trap: Capital, Labor, and Power in the Age of Automation.

The weakest link in the supply chain
KPMG’s George Quigley explains how smaller firms can assess cyber risk in their supply chain.

Excel tips: The many uses of data analysis expressions, part two
In the second part of this series, Simon Hurst continues to break down how data analysis expressions work.

The rise of the cashless society
Facebook has entered the digital currency game, but the alarm bells are ringing, writes Leo Waldock.

Chartech September/October 2019

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