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Tech Faculty Thought Leadership

Read the latest thinking from the Tech Faculty on how to ensure information services are working effectively and accountants are making the most of new technologies. Find out how our Excel Community guides can help to promote best practice.

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Tech Faculty

Providing Leadership in a Digital World

The impact of digital technology has been significant and continues to transform the accounting profession and society at large. Our most recent thought leadership report, Providing Leadership in a Digital World, highlights the key areas all businesses should consider and argues that the profession must focus on establishing how accountants can better serve businesses, the economy and society through new and evolving technologies.

Big data and analytics: What's new?

Big data is creating many opportunities for businesses to derive greater insight from data, predict future outcomes more accurately and automate non-routine tasks. But the use of big data and analytics needs to be appropriate and subject to robust challenge. As a result, it’s important to build our understanding around what big data means, and this short report aims to inform decision makers in business and government about the opportunities and risks in this area.

Excel Community

Improve your financial modelling practice

ICAEW’s Excel Community has worked with a broad swathe of modelling organisations and experts, taking a half dozen methodologies and paring down to the commonly held, widely accepted beliefs about what constitutes good modelling.

Twenty spreadsheet principles

Twenty principles for good spreadsheet practice aims to reduce spreadsheet errors and wasted time.