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Charity Commission consultation on responsible investment guidance

Author: Kristina Kopic, Head of Charity and Voluntary Sector, ICAEW

Published: 02 Feb 2021

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Share your views with the Charity Commission.

In her opening keynote at the ICAEW Charity Conference, the Charity Commission’s CEO, Helen Stephenson CBE, referred to the Commission’s review of their guidance on responsible investments:

“We know that the public cares about charities staying true to their stated purpose, including in the way they invest their assets. And that how trustees meet their charity’s purposes is as important to public trust and confidence as what they do. So, while it’s not for the Commission to direct all charities to adopt a responsible investment approach, our guidance should certainly not be putting them off.”

Stephenson advised that the revised guidance was likely to be published for consultation in the spring, and she encouraged anyone with an interest in charity management and finance to share their views in that consultation.

For more information, please read the Charity Commission's news release.