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Blockchain articles

Read our latest features and articles on blockchain.

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Blockchain trends

Blockchain technology offers continuous, real-time accounting, makes fraud more difficult and will be a valuable tool for all stakeholders. Alexis Nicolau argues its importance for the audit profession and its future.

Blockchain moves into the mainstream

Blockchain often tops the rankings of website faculty hits, so what’s going on? Lesley Meall explores some recent developments, trends and challenges.

Blockchain: count every vote? Yes you can!

9 November 2020: In light of the ongoing US election controversy, fintech academic and chartered accountant Gavin Brown predicts the implementation of new blockchain-style voting methods, giving us incontestable results in hours rather than days or weeks.

Getting to grip with the growth of cryptocurrency

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies means auditors need new skills and knowledge in that area, says David Lyford-Smith.

New kids on the blockchain

Business owners spend a lot of time eyeing new technologies to ensure their practices don’t get left behind.

Blockchain and cryptoassets in entertainment sport and media

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, many accountants may not be aware of the potential threats and opportunities this poses to their profession.

Building the future

Thomas Toomse-Smith examines how technology could evolve the annual report.

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