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Blockchain articles

Read our latest features and articles on blockchain.

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New kids on the blockchain

Business owners spend a lot of time eyeing new technologies to ensure their practices don’t get left behind.

Blockchain and cryptoassets in entertainment sport and media

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, many accountants may not be aware of the potential threats and opportunities this poses to their profession.

Understanding tech ethics

It has become one of the most discussed topics in tech over the past year or two. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal, reports of bias in recruitment, financial services and public sector algorithms, and more, it’s easy to see why ethics has become more discussed.

Building the future

Thomas Toomse-Smith examines how technology could evolve the annual report.

Tech Talk

Tracy Gray

Technology is at the heart of all organisations today. The pace of change is growing ever faster. In the coming years, the finance profession will be profoundly altered by new and evolving technologies.

Byte size: Tech news roundup

A roundup of the latest news surrounding technology. This edition includes enhancements to Bluetooth, statistics on the usage of artificial intelligence, and a teenager earning a ‘bug bounty’ for finding a flaw in FaceTime.

World of opportunity – Sue Almond on how audit is changing

Nigel Sleigh-Johnson gets a global perspective on how audit is changing from Sue Almond, head of assurance at Grant Thornton International.

Defining cryptocurrency

Matthew Leitch Business and Management March 2019

It is easy to be misled by words, especially in the conversation around cryptocurrency. Here, Matthew Leitch explains what certain terms mean, helping you avoid expensive consequences.

Shining a light on cryptocurrency

Michelle Robinson Taxline January 2019

Michelle Robinson considers cryptocurrency and how it should be taxed. She explores cryptomining and passive investors, as well as giving some practical examples and explaining why HMRC does not consider cryptocurrency to be currency or money.

Why join a blockchain consortium?

Organisations are increasingly collaborating to explore and scale blockchain solutions, forming groups referred to as consortia. Joining a consortium offers a way to lower risk and share innovations, supporting the successful implementation of blockchain.

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