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ICAEW Finance in a Digital World Programme

An online learning experience to help you understand how the world of finance is being transformed by Digital. Developed in partnership with Deloitte, the suite of 9 comprehensive modules cover a 360 degree view on the effect of digital transformation on your entire finance team, as well as the organisational culture. Buy an enterprise-level license to cover your regional or global finance teams, to ensure consistent level of digital maturity across your entire organisation.

Key benefits

  • Leapfrog digital awareness: 82% of the finance professionals who tested our product reported a positive shift in their digital finance awareness.
  • Identify new opportunities: Find connections to your new world of work by identifying opportunities to take advantage of new technology.
  • Learn from the leaders: Gain practical knowledge through real-life case studies and content designed and delivered by Deloitte and ICAEW finance experts.
  • Embed digital curiosity: Use the learning experience to build a culture of curiosity, giving teams the confidence to experiment.
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The challenge

Rapid advancements in digital technology are fundamentally changing the role of the finance function and the way it serves the wider business.

But how can you keep up with the pace of change unless you build a finance function that’s fit for the future? How can you successfully execute the digital initiatives you’re investing in unless your people have the knowledge and expertise they need?

Our new, interactive learning platform is designed specifically to address this knowledge gap challenge. Through this platform we’re supporting finance functions and finance professionals in their transformation journey, building strong awareness and understanding of the digital trends and technologies reshaping their profession today.

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The topics

Finance in a Digital World: AI and Cognitive Computing AI and cognitive computing
Learn what AI technologies mean for finance, understand current applications and begin to identify opportunities in your business. 
Finance in a Digital World: Digital transformation Digital transformation
Find out how digital technologies are fundamentally changing how organisations work and what this means for finance.
Finance in a Digital World: Robotic process automation Robotic process automation
Get to grips how organisations are adopting RPA and how it can make your finance processes more efficient.
Finance in a Digital World: Future of finance work The future of finance work
Digital technologies are set to have a revolutionary impact on finance work. Learn what skills you need and how your role may change.
Finance in a Digital World: Analytics and visualisation Analytics and visualisation
Explore how new analytics techniques are helping finance business partners provide insight to support data driven decision making.;
Finance in a Digital World: Blockchain Blockchain
Understand the technology that is set to transform how finance transactions are governed, verified and assured.
Finance in a Digital World: Embracing digital Embracing digital
After getting to grips with all of the key facts about these new technologies, learn how you can take the next step to embrace digital!
Finance in a Digital World: Digital's impact on workers Digital's impact on workers
Discover the behaviours and skills that finance professionals need to develop to future proof careers.
Finance in a Digital World: How workplaces are evolving Finance workplace 
Learn about the structures and practices that will be needed to enable finance to create value in the future.

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