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Practice technology

Articles on how accountancy practices are changing their structure, technology and business models in response to the latest developments in technology and the business environment.

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Mastering mid-tier technology

In our first post-pandemic research focused on mid-tier practice technology, we’ve seen some substantial changes in the landscape. Responses have given us cause to be optimistic, but also highlight challenges in the digital transformation journey. Addressing these challenges presents opportunities for firms, software providers and ICAEW.

How technology is changing accounting practices

Advances in technology have led to a reduced demand for traditional accountancy services and created new opportunities and challenges. ICAEW's Tech Faculty outlined how digital technologies, are changing accountancy practices and their work in its report "Providing leadership in a digital world".

Banking on data

Chris Evans speaks to data evangelist Ian Matthews at NGDATA about the challenges banks face adapting to the ‘next generation’ of customers