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Exam systems status

Updated: 22 October 2020, 14:25 UK-time

This page displays the alerts, issues and updates which affect ACA and ICAEW CFAB students. Anything currently active will appear in the In Progress section, and anything no longer active will be moved to Resolved. Please make sure to keep checking this page for any ACA or ICAEW CFAB updates.

In progress

These are active alerts and updates. Should there be any unforeseen issues please rest assured, we are working hard to resolve them.

22 October

December Professional Level
If you have already booked an exam for December and are trying to book another exam for the same session, you must select the modify option to add an additional exam to your booking. See ‘How to modify exam guide’ at icaew.com/how-to

20 October

Professional and Advanced Level exam start times
If you are sitting an exam outside of the UK, please disregard the time shown on exams online as this time is being displayed as UK-time. Your exam will take place as originally scheduled at your local planned time.

16 October

December Professional Level booking window
We will be implementing a queuing system on Monday 19 October for students who wish to book a December Professional Level exam. The queue will be in place from 10am UK-time.


These alerts, issues and updates are no longer active and have been resolved. 

19 October

December Professional Level booking window
Unfortunately due to a technical issue with the Professional Level booking window for exams sat by remote invigilation, we expect the remote invigilation booking window to open at 11:00am UK-time.

16 October

September Professional Level exam results
We will be implementing a queuing system on Friday 16 October for students accessing their exam results. The queue will be in place from 11am UK-time.
September Professional Level exam results
Your results will only be available on 16 October by text (if you have selected this option via Exams Online) and via limited access to the training file. There will be no pass list available and your results will not be delivered via email.
Receiving your Certificate Level or ICAEW CFAB exam results
ICAEW CFAB and Certificate Level exam results will be released at 12:00 (UK-time) on Friday 16 October, due to the ACA Professional Level exam results being released on this day.

07 October

Are you trying to add or remove an exam in November?
If you’ve booked a Nov Advanced Level exam and want to add/remove an exam at this session during the booking window for students who failed in Aug, you must modify your original application. See ‘How to modify exam guide’ at icaew.com/how-to

02 October

Professional Level students
Due to a technical fault, some students who applied for Special Consideration during Sept unfortunately didn’t receive a confirmation email. All applications were received, and the usual process applied. The problem has now been resolved.
Advanced Level students
The booking window for the November Advanced Level exams is now closed. We will temporarily reopen the booking window for any August Advanced Level students who want to retake their exams in November. We will email these students.

Qualifications update

For further updates and guidance please visit our Qualifications update area.

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