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Exam admin check

We take the marking of exams very seriously and therefore errors in the calculation of exam results are very rare. However, if you have failed an exam and believe that this result is not correct, you may request an exam admin check.

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The exam admin check is not a re-mark but it is a complete check of all the processes involved in arriving at your result.

In addition, you may find our marks feedback service useful which is available for any failed Professional or Advanced Level exam. Marks feedback provides a breakdown of your mark per question allowing you to see any areas where you scored lower marks.

You can access the marks feedback on your Examinations tab of your training file and for further information please visit the marks feedback page.

The check includes:

  • An exam marker checking that no errors or omissions were made during the marking process.
  • A check that all the marks awarded have been correctly calculated and transferred to ICAEW marks database and your results notification.

Applying for an exam admin check

To apply for an exam admin check please visit my.icaew.com/examsonline and select ‘ACA Qualification’ where you will be given the option to click to apply for an exam admin check. You can apply for up to ten working days from the results dispatch date. If the option to make an application is not showing on your exams portal, the deadline has passed and there are no other active sessions applicable to you.
Please note: This service is not available until the day following the results release.

The fee for an exam admin check is £50 per exam, refundable if your mark is increased. (ICAEW will not be liable for any costs arising from this change or the results as originally issued.) We will email you a maximum of five weeks after the results dispatch date with the result of the check. The result of the exam admin check will either confirm or raise your exam result. A mark can go up even if it does not change your overall result. We will not give you a lower mark and your result will not go down. 

Please note

  • If you want to resit the exam you have failed at the next session, you do not need to wait for the outcome of the check before you apply to sit the exam. If your exam admin check results is a pass, we will refund the fee for the resit (as well as the fee for the exam admin check).
  • We will keep documents relating to your marks review for only 60 days unless your exam mark is changed or you raise another grievance or query about your exam mark.
  • Exam admin checks do not apply for Certificate Level exams.