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Student societies and groups

Student societies are groups of trainee Chartered Accountants, divided regionally across the UK and internationally and are run by student committees. As an ACA trainee, you automatically join your local ICAEW student society.

Find your local society

Here you will find a list of active UK and international student societies and networks. Locate your societies page to find social media channels, who represents you, and to get in contact with your local Chair.

United Kingdom
East England  Beds, Bucks and Herts 
East Anglia  
London and South East London 
Thames Valley 
South East 
Midlands Birmingham
Leicester and Northants
North West Chester and North Wales
North West
Northern Cumberland
South Wales South and East Wales 
South West Bristol and District 
South West
Yorkshire and Humberside Bradford and District 
Humberside and District 
Sheffield and District 
Crown Dependencies
 Isle of Man Student Society
Africa Mauritius Student Community 
Europe Cyprus Chartered Accountants Student Society
Greece Student Society 
Middle East Middle East Student Society 
 South-east Asia Malaysia Student Network 

Can’t see your local area?

As societies are run by students, some areas may not currently have active societies. If you want to help set-up a new society in your area, please contact Mauro Lucrino.