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ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate Programme

In an increasingly data-rich and technology-driven world, finance teams must learn how to harness and make sense of data and what it means for the business. This programme will help you combine your commercial acumen and business knowledge with data analytics expertise. It will equip you to play a pivotal role between data and the business, and provide evidence-based, forward-looking insights and assurance that support decision making.

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Data Analytics

Data analytics and data science skills are showing the biggest growth in demand from employers, and finance professionals are perfectly placed to upskill in this area.

With businesses often only analysing a fraction of their data, this programme will upskill you with the practical skills and understanding of data analytics you need to unleash deeper data insights and provide evidence-based, forward-looking insights and assurance that support decision making. 

Upon successful completion of the case study you will be awarded the ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate for your chosen pathway.

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Developed in collaboration with Kaplan Financial, a recognised provider of innovative learning solutions.


Programme Benefits


40+ hours of flexible and immersive online learning


How to apply data analytics to answer practical business questions


Specifically tailored for the finance profession


Learn predictive analytical skills to forecast with greater accuracy


Learn how to use Python to enhance the value you get from your data*


How analytics can offer insights to identify control overrides


Visualisation techniques to influence decision making


Final case study to put your learning into practice


12 months subscription to 400+ DataCamp e-courses (Analyst pathway)

* Why use Python when we already have Excel? Find out why here.

Programme pathways

The course offers a choice of two distinct learning pathways.

Analyst pathway

Choose the Analyst pathway to develop your skills in data analytics, to better support your business and clients with forward-looking powerful insight (e.g. predictive forecasts) and assurance (e.g. anomaly detection

A 12 month subscription to DataCamp’s 400+ online courses is included in the price of this pathway, giving you the opportunity to further your learning in Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Excel, machine learning, data visualization and data manipulation.

Estimated time: 40 hours learning + 20 hours case study

There is a case study only option available for those already proficient in data analytics

  • Understanding business context

    In this unit you’ll learn how to apply the process of data analytics to solve business questions, the practical steps involved in setting up an analytics project and the skills required, how to identify relevant data sources, and the principles of data architecture, data management, data quality and governance.

  • Data wrangling
    In this unit you’ll learn how to recognise data types and structures, how to code in Python and use it to import, manage and merge data, and identify and resolve data quality errors.
  • Understanding and analysing data

    In this unit you’ll learn how to analyse data at a high level, using summary statistics and basic data visualisations as part of your exploratory data analysis.

  • Data analysis and facilitating data driven decision making

    In this unit you’ll learn how to apply more sophisticated data analytics techniques to support business decision making, such as time series forecast modelling using autoregression and average smoothing techniques, explain anomaly detection, and the ethics of using Artificial Intelligence and data analytics.

  • Presenting findings and recommendations

    In this unit you’ll learn how to effectively communicate your analysis both in terms of accompanying narrative and visualisations, presenting findings and recommendations to decision makers, and how to prepare effective data visualisations.

  • Case study

    You will assume the role of analyst for a company. You are tasked with identifying whether a target company meets the investment criteria for a private equity firm. You will apply the analytical skills learnt on the course to a data set and will be required to communicate effectively your findings to support decision making.

Management pathway

Choose the Management Pathway if you’re a finance leader seeking to enhance the value you and your analytics teams bring to your clients and to your business. This online course will explain the business benefits of applying data analytics, help you build an effective data analytics function and give you the skills to interpret and challenge team outputs so that they can be presented back to the business with maximum impact.

Launching Q1 2021

  • Evidenced based decision making

    In this unit you’ll look at the strategic business case for analytics, how and why data driven models can be used to improve decision making, data analytics concepts, where data analytics sits within the organisation, and the benefits of finance leaders owning or exerting their influence over analytics within the business.

  • Data strategy, governance & integrity

    In this unit you’ll look at data strategy and the role that finance should play in formulating data strategy, data governance including ethics around the use of data, data security and reliability, and take a detailed look at data management, which covers the tools, processes, and architectures to achieve good data governance.

  • Exploratory data analysis

    In this unit you’ll look at the principal attributes of datasets and the benefits of using exploratory data analysis to evaluate and graphically represent different business scenarios to provide sound scientific evidence to support decision making.

  • Forecasting and risk management

    In this unit you’ll look at how a data driven approach to forecasting differs from traditional methods, and how predictive analytics enables you to forecast with greater accuracy and reliability. You’ll also look at the role of analytics in risk management, and how analytics can offer insights into the characteristics of anomalous journal entries, helping identify inappropriate accounting, control overrides, or inefficient processes.

  • Decision-making: influencing through visualisation

    In this unit you’ll focus on presenting and communicating the results of data analytics to improve business decision making. Using narrative as well as visualisation techniques, we explain how to review data visualisations and enhance business communications to influence key decision makers.

  • Case study

    You will assume a management role in a private equity firm that has used data analytics to evaluate whether a target company is a good investment. You will provide a business case for the analytics function, and understand and challenge the analytics outputs from your team in two key areas: forecasting and anomaly identification. You will also interpret a range of visualisations and select how to utilise the most effective visualisation to translate the outputs from the case study back into the original business problem, to aid decision making.

Programme costs

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Analyst pathway - Full course or Case Study only

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Analyst pathway - case study only

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£349 Analyst case study only £349 (+VAT)

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Gaining advanced data analytics skills to provide evidence-based, forward-looking insights and assurance that support decision making is a natural evolution for the finance profession. With these skills under their belt, finance professionals will be in a unique position to enhance the value they bring to the business and clients.

Sharron Gunn, Executive Director, Members Commercial and Shared Services at ICAEW

The specialist knowledge within the ICAEW network on how Data Analytics can be used to drive improvement in business coupled with Kaplan's expertise in developing award winning online courses has created an excellent solution to upskill finance professionals in this area.

Jim Hinchcliffe, Kaplan Financial

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