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ICAEW is the largest and most widely recognised accountancy body in the UK. Our members are key influencers and decision makers in the world’s leading global brands, extending the network of ICAEW Chartered Accountants into every industry.

Working in business, practice, and the public sectors, our members can be anything from CFOs, FDs, and FCs or FTSE 100 companies to SMEs, or partners of the Big Four firms.

  • 77 of the FTSE 100 companies have at least one ICAEW Chartered Accountant on the board
  • 96 of the world’s 100 global leading brands employ ICAEW Chartered Accountants.
  • There are more than 1.8m Chartered Accountants and students around the world and 189,500 of them are members and students of ICAEW
  • We are helping to build the economies of tomorrow, by defining the role that accountancy will play in delivering the future.

Advertise with us - a multichannel approach

Our approach to commercial partnerships is unique and drives the greatest engagement by selecting the blend of channels and content that is best suited to your goals.

We work with you to develop campaigns that use our channels and target the areas of membership that will achieve the greatest ROI for you.

We are all about partnerships that will last, connecting you to the right audiences and in turn offering our members industry leading solutions.

Our channels

  • Events (conferences, workshops, roundtables) *
  • Webinars
  • Display advertising
  • Sponsored content
  • Print and digital advertising
  • Banner advertising on emails
  • Social media 
  • Co-created reports
*Due to COVID-19 we are taking a virtual first approach until further notice


Contact our Commercial Partnerships Team to find out more about how to partner with us.

Meet ICAEW's commercial partners

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Affinity Partnerships

Appointed ICAEW Member Rewards partners provide members with a range of benefits on personal and business products.

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Technology Accreditation Scheme

If you have a Technology product that you are looking to get accredited, the ICAEW Technology Accreditation Scheme will enable you to better position yourself in a competitive marketplace.

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Media pack

Our media pack provides more information about the digital solutions we offer.



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