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The Advanced Level exams include the Corporate Reporting exam, the Strategic Business Management exam and the Case Study. The Advanced Level exams can be taken in July and November each year and you can take your exams at an exam centre or via remote invigilation.

Advanced Level overview

Advanced Level exams

The Corporate Reporting and Strategic Business Management exams are computer-based. They test your understanding and strategic decision-making at a senior level. They also present real-life scenarios, with greater complexity and wider implications than the Professional Level exams. The Case Study presents a complex business issue which challenges your ability to solve problems, identify ethical implications and provide effective solutions. The Case Study tests the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained to date.

The Advanced Level exams are fully open book, replicating a real-life scenario where all the resources are at your fingertips. The exams are available to sit every July and November.

Advanced Level preparation

Exam resources


Permitted texts

Six-monthly reviews

It is a requirement of the ACA training agreement that you and your employer meet at least every six months. These meetings are to discuss and monitor your progress on professional development, ethics and professional scepticism, practical work experience, and exams.

Advanced Level study support


BPP tutor, Phil Sparks, talks you through retaking an Advanced Level exam which explores exam feedback, preparation guidance and study support with a few key hints and tips on how to succeed.

Overview of the Advanced Level

In this guide the Advanced Level is introduced, providing an overview on each module with helpful advice on what to expect and what to look out for when sitting an Advanced Level exam.

Understanding the Advanced Level – for top-up/MOU students

This webinar is specifically for top-up/MOU students who start their ACA studies at the Advanced Level. It looks at the challenges of these exams, how they differ from other exams you would have previously sat, and how to approach these exams.

ACA exam vocabulary support guide

Our ACA exam vocabulary support guide explains the different verbs used within the ACA exam requirements for Professional and Advanced Level exams. It will help highlight the knowledge, understanding and skills you will need to demonstrate. Download the guide here.


Juggling study, work and family commitments is tough. So, from the moment you begin your ACA training agreement, caba are there to help you do it all.  Their services are free, impartial and strictly confidential. They’re available to you, your spouse or life partner and close family members. You don’t have to donate to use them.

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Student support team

The student support team is here to help. We recommend that you contact us via our Live Chat or chatbot Mia first.

ACA planner

To help guide you through your ACA training throughout the year - download the ACA planner for key dates and deadlines.

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