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Corporate Reporting

The Corporate Reporting exam will enable you to apply technical knowledge, analytical techniques, and professional skills to resolve compliance and business issues that arise in the context of the preparation and evaluation of corporate reports and from providing audit services. The exam is 3.5 hours long with a pass mark of 50%. It contains three questions and is available to sit in July and November. The exam is open book and will permit you to take any written or printed material into the exam.

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Exam guidance

We are here to support you throughout your ACA journey to ensure you have everything you need for your upcoming exam, from exam resources to free and confidential wellbeing support from CABA. Ensure you are fully prepared by reading our exam guidance prior to your exam.

Advance information

The advance information for the Corporate Reporting exam will be available four weeks prior to the exam. The advance information comprises a document and an 11 month data set. You will be able to access the advance information on this page from:

  • Monday 20 June 2022 for the July exam session
  • Monday 10 October 2022 for the November exam session

We have developed an advance information walkthrough guide to help you prepare for the introduction of advance information.

Please note only students registered for the relevant exam will be able to access the advance information 11 month data set.

You can also add the advanced information to your ICAEW Bookshelf by visiting the ebookshop and selecting the relevant edition. The digital version will not be added automatically, you must visit the ebookshop for it to be available on your bookshelf.

The link to the 11 month dataset for the advance information is within the advance information document.

Exam preparation


The syllabus presents the learning outcomes for each exam and should be read with the relevant technical knowledge grids and, where applicable, the skills development grids. 

Practice software

It's important that you get to know the exam software and its various functions before you take an exam. To help, we have created an online only practice exam software.

Visit icaew.com/examsoftware to access the question banks and mocks in the practice exam software.

Exams and marks plans

Use past exams in addition to the blank practice software where you can practise answering questions. The marks plans will help you check your answers.

Some past exams are used within our learning materials, they are updated to be in line with the examinable syllabus. The majority will appear in the published question banks, and some may be used in mock exams.

Note for Financial Accounting and Reporting: UK GAAP students

From March 2019, a new Financial Accounting and Reporting: UK GAAP exam will be available. This new exam will cover micro and smaller entity accounting including FRS 105, as well as, FRS 102.

Whichever version of the exam you pass, current or new, you will be eligible for the Audit Qualification (AQ), as long as you sit and pass the Corporate Reporting exam and meet all other AQ requirements.

If you have completed or are studying towards the current Financial Accounting and Reporting: UK GAAP exam, a supplement is available to help you prepare for the Corporate Reporting exam. The supplement is a learning companion and not intended to be a compulsory learning programme. It summarises the key differences and similarities between the two frameworks. The supplement highlights the differences in terminology and accounting treatments and provides an opportunity to compare application of the two frameworks with some worked example questions.

In addition to knowledge of international financial reporting and auditing regulations, Corporate Reporting uses prior knowledge from Business Planning, Business Strategy and Technology and Financial Management. This module looks at complex transactions and scenarios, financial statement analysis, audit processes, evaluating corporate reporting polices and associated ethical issues. While we advise that Financial Accounting and Reporting: UK GAAP students use this supplement, all students will need to study the Corporate Reporting learning materials to cover a series of new topics and technical skills.

The supplement can be ordered free of charge from our distributors, Gillards. You can also download the PDF version of the supplement below, as well as the example questions:

Exam study support