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The latest updates on the UK tax system

TAXline: April 2020

In this issue, Lindsey Wicks looks at the tax measures set to apply from April 2020, Mandipa Soni examines the loan relationship unallowable purpose rule, Nigel Holmes reviews research and development tax relief claims and Neil Warren considers tax-saving benefits of forming a VAT group.

TAXline: March 2020

In this issue, Lindsey Wicks looks at the world of vehicles and taxes, Caroline Miskin explores the need for a single income tax IT system, Meg Saksida discusses why trust income and gains are taxed differently and Vicky Smallwood highlights accelerated reporting and payment for CGT from April.

TAXline: February 2020

In this issue, Sue Moore reports from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners’ conference, Gillian Banks follows up on her 2017 article on the Higgins case regarding private residence relief and Chris Sanger looks at the extent to which environmental taxes will feature in the new government’s first Budget.

TAXline: January 2020

In this issue, Frank Haskew reviews 2019, including Brexit and off-payroll working, Kate Upcraft explains the challenges in preparing payroll for the 2020/21 tax year, Caroline Miskin reflects on the transition to Making Tax Digital for VAT and Sue Moore reviews Slevin’s Guide to Entrepreneurs’ Relief.


TAXguide 07/20: Off payroll working: cross border issues

A series of questions posed by the ICAEW Tax Faculty exploring the impact of changes to the off-payroll working regime where one of the parties is based outside the UK. Answer have been taken from HMRC guidance.

TAXguide 08/20: Off payroll working: payroll issues

A series of questions posed by the ICAEW Tax Faculty exploring the impact of changes to the off-payroll working regime and what they mean practically for payroll processes. Answer have been taken from HMRC guidance.

TAXguide: 06/20 Spring Budget 2020

Rishi Sunak delivered his first Budget of 2020 on 11 March. The Tax Faculty provides its summary of all the key tax announcements in this TAXguide.

TAXguide 03/20 Off-payroll working from April 2020

In light of upcoming changes to the off-payroll working regime, this guidance from the Tax Faculty outlines how to determine whether a private sector client using contractors through an intermediary is ‘small’.

TAXguide 05/20 HMRC digital forms for agents

HMRC has digitalised many of the forms it provides to facilitate transactions, but often these forms are not available to authorised agents. While HMRC is taking steps to rectify this, the Tax Faculty has created this TAXguide to provide a list of links to the digital forms that can be accessed by agents.

Changes to CGT on residential property

PwC's Gillian Banks, Vicky Smallwood from PKF Francis Clark and Frank Haskew, Head of ICAEW Tax Faculty, explain the new rules on capital gains tax (CGT) on residential property.

Budget update

The Tax Faculty's essential budget webinar.

HMRC agent strategy and services

Frank Haskew and Caroline Miskin discuss the latest developments on HMRC’s agent strategy and services.


Tax topics for today

Reforming property taxes for business – what are the options?

Taxing business properties form an important part of the tax base for many countries, but they are often complex and in an increasingly online world can be irrelevant to an organisation’s turnover. The time has come to overhaul business property tax systems and here ICAEW outlines the options.