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Tax Faculty

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Tax news

The latest updates on the UK tax system

Changes to retail exports and duty-free shopping

17 September 2021: Duty-free shops will return from 1 January 2021, but international visitors to Great Britain will no longer be able to buy and take with them tax-free purchases from other retailers in the country as the VAT retail export scheme is scrapped.


TAXline: September 2020

In this issue, Victoria Price and Tom Evennett explain the importance of trading to the tax rules, Steven Dowers examines the increased nil rate bands for residential property and Anita Monteith and Alison Ring explain the Chancellor’s power to override normal spending rules to authorise key recovery measures.

TAXline: August 2020

In this issue, Tim Palmer and Mark Rubinson review in depth the forthcoming tax changes for the construction industry, Lindsey Wicks examines the role that tax reliefs play in delivering the government’s goals and Ross Welland examines the 2020 Upper Tribunal case of HMRC v Sippchoice concerning in-specie pension contributions.

TAXline: July 2020

In this issue, Angela Clegg provides pointers on the tax measures that businesses should consider following the COVID-19 lockdown, Andy Tall examines changes to the intangible fixed assets regime and Meg Saksida highlights the scope for HMRC to apply discretion on time limits in existing guidance and legislation.

TAXline: June 2020

In this issue, Julie Butler and Fred Butler examine rollover relief, John Boulton considers the policy response to COVID-19, Bryan Crawford examines the requirements to be met in order to claim land remediation relief and David Heaton clarifies the new off-payroll working rules.


OTS Capital Gains Tax review

In this webinar we will be joined by the Office of Tax Simplification to discuss the OTS review of CGT that covers aspects of the taxation of chargeable gains.

Tax Round-up 2020

This webinar from the Tax Faculty will provide a round up of all the measures that are under review and subject to consultation and how the faculty will be responding.


Tax topics for today

Reforming property taxes for business – what are the options?

Taxing business properties form an important part of the tax base for many countries, but they are often complex and in an increasingly online world can be irrelevant to an organisation’s turnover. The time has come to overhaul business property tax systems and here ICAEW outlines the options.