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Join the Women in Finance Community

The Women in Finance Community is a network whose vision is to create a profession in which members can lead a career without limits. Its programme provides personal development and networking opportunities to enable women in finance to achieve their potential.


Join the Community to stay up-to-date and help develop your business

  • Access to ICAEW’s central hub for women in the finance profession, which brings together all the resources, events and opportunities ICAEW offers to help people achieve their career goals.
  • An opportunity to be part of a rich and diverse network, which enables members at all stages of their career to share experiences and discuss current issues and future challenges.
  • Access to other ICAEW women networks across the world.
  • Access to an online knowledge resource including books, articles and guides on topics of interest.
  • Events to help you progress your career, including speed mentoring and a variety of webinars.
  • Access to other career development opportunities, including the ICAEW Women in Leadership programme.