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Digital skills

Technology has enabled automation of many elements of accountancy and this provides an opportunity for chartered accountants to utilise their professional skills but also the need to add to them.

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Accounting disrupted

This book delivers a powerful analysis of the new technological forces buffeting the accounting profession. Using case studies and practical examples, the author demonstrates how big data, blockchain, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence can help accountants adapt to new realities.

Analytics and big data for accountants

This book will help accountants and financial managers better understand big data and analytics, including its history and current trends. It dives into the platforms and operating tools that will help you measure program impacts and ROI, visualize data and business processes, and uncover the relationship between key performance indicators.

Artificial Intelligence for Audit, Forensic Accounting, and Valuation : A Strategic Perspective

An artificial intelligence revolution is sweeping through the world. Auditors and forensic accountants in firms of all sizes and types are trying to understand what it means for them. Many want to explore how to build plans for total intelligent automation to move their companies forward into the new AI economy.

Digital finance: big data, start-ups, and the future of financial services

This book takes a thoughtful look at how the digital finance industry is evolving. It explains how to integrate digital finance concepts into existing traditional finance platforms and explores what successful companies are doing to maximize their opportunities in this context.

Fintech book, The: the financial technology handbook for investors, entrepreneurs and visionaries

A guide to the financial technology revolution for entrepreneurs, bankers and investors with information required to capitalise on this market.

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Ready for a renaissance: the art of the audit is getting a major technological boost

Article discusses the convergence of innovative technologies and increased client and staff expectations which is spurring notable changes within the audit profession. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) scans each document, identifies its relationship to the client engagement, and accurately files it, allowing your staff the time to focus on the more complex aspects of the audit and the client relationship

Reskilling for AI

Article discuses how millions of workers may need to be reskilled in the face of ever quickening technological advances and that although companies have a crucial role in addressing this challenge, many have yet to take it seriously. Leaders at 40 organisations that re investing in large scale reskilling projects are interviewed.

Is AI a Threat or Helper? Let's Chat about It

The article introduces ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, and discusses its potential impact on forensic accounting. It explores how ChatGPT, along with artificial intelligence (AI), can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of tasks in accounting, auditing, tax, and forensic accounting.

Leadership in the age of big data

The article discusses the need for finance leaders to recognize the importance of data analytics to become effective in their roles. The need to ensure that employees work in a culture that sustains collaboration and exchange of ideas and information by leaders is noted. It discusses ways in which management accountants can demonstrate leadership such as competence in financial planning and imparting technical accounting knowledge.

Digital skills of the future

The article discusses the technical and digital skills that finance professionals should learn and gain expertise to gain considerable advantage in their profession, including process modeling, data governance, and software use and development.

Get comfortable wrapping yourself around Python

In today’s digital environment, where more tools are becoming necessary for analysing large and unstructured data sets, Python is emerging as a helpful resource for accountants. Discusses Python's relevance to accountants in areas such as audit and business planning and forecasting, as well as in accounting roles where automation may be useful.

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Bridging the skills gap in finance functions

Research paper exploring the challenges senior finance professionals have faced in attempting to equip their teams to meet new demands and the most successful strategies for obtaining or developing the skills required.

Effective hybrid working: practical guidance

The CIPD has jointly produced practical guidance to support effective hybrid working as part of its involvement in the Flexible Working Taskforce.

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