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Support Members Scheme

Our team of unpaid volunteer support members are always on hand to act as a listening ear and offer free non-judgmental assistance whenever you need it.

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Supporting members for more than 20 years

Take a look at our video to understand how support members can help.

  • Call a support member for FREE within the UK on + 44 (0)800 917 3526*
  • Email a support member at support.members@icaew.com

*if you are calling from overseas your call will be charged at normal call rates. 

Once a member calls they are asked if they would prefer to speak to someone locally or from another region.

If they are comfortable outlining their problem, their situation is matched with the expertise of a particular support member.

Top 10 most common problems of the last five years

  1. Complaints and disciplinary
  2. Employment and redundancy issues
  3. Practice issues
  4. Finding it difficult to cope personally
  5. Financial difficulties and impact of potential insolvency
  6. Incapacity or death of a member
  7. Resisting pressure to behave unethically
  8. Harassment in the workplace
  9. Impact of disqualification as a director
  10. Partnership disputes

Confidential support when you need it

Our team of support members offer help to all members.

Support members are a network of volunteers, who are experienced ICAEW members trained to help fellow members who are facing difficulties.

They provide a listening ear and free, confidential and non-judgemental support. Whatever the circumstances, you can be assured you will be listened to.

If you are worried or have a problem on you mind don't let it weigh you down - contact a support member.

Contact with a support member remains 100% confidential with volunteers exempt from the duty to report misconduct, enabling you to speak freely without fear of recrimination or repercussion.

From personal worries about health, money or family to work-related concerns about professional ethics, regulation and discipline - support members are ready to listen.

Although support members cannot perform miracles, experience over the years has certainly shown that they can provide help and advice in a wide-range of circumstances. Often simply discussing your situation with an objective outsider will help to clarify the way forward.

 Support members helpline - call 0800 917 3526

The idea behind it is simple. Members facing any kind of problem can talk to support members directly via phone or email.

Further information

The support line is FREE when calling within the UK unless you are using a mobile phone, in which case your service provider may charge you for the call. If you are calling outside the UK, please phone + 44 (0)800 917 3526*. Alternatively you can email the scheme at support.members@icaew.com

*If you are calling from overseas your call will be charged at normal call rates.


Additional support is available to members and their families from CABA, which provides emotional support, debt advice, health and carer support, financial assistance and career coaching. To find out more visit caba.org.uk or call +44 (0)1788 556 366.