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Gain sector-specific technical support and expert opinions to keep you up to date in a fast-changing environment.

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Practical guidance, commentary and support on the banking sector for financial services professionals.


Practical guidance, commentary and support on the insurance sector for financial services professionals.

Webinars and virtual events

Did you know you get specialised webinars as part of your ICAEW Financial Services membership? With topics ranging from IFRS17, Climate Change, and opportunities to hear direct from UK regulators such as the FRC, FCA or the Bank of England.

Upcoming features

Date Webinar title Accessibility and cost  Booking 
 30 April 2024 Introduction to PCAF – how to account for GHG emissions related to financial activities Available to all Book now

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On-demand webinars and recordings

Date Webinar title Access your learning
19 March 2024

Model risk management principles
This webinar provides a concise overview of the Bank of England’s requirements and how to apply them across the organisation.

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 30 January 2024

CASS audits 2024
An overview of all you need to know for auditors and firms planning for their CASS audits as well as for practitioners preparing their clients.

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13 December 2023

Unravelling the FTX Fallout: Lessons from the collapse
In this webinar we digest what are the lessons learned about the crypto market and How can crypto businesses and users of digital currencies avoid some of the same pitfalls?

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23 November 2023

Rethinking risks and opportunities, perspectives from ECB and Finance Leaders
Our Banking in Europe series focusing on major developments in the market and economy, as well as regulatory, auditing and accounting issues.

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19 October 2023

Demystifying the digital pound and CBDCs – an introduction
We demystify what central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are and why central banks are actively considering issuing it and explore the potential pros and cons.

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04 October 2023 CASS 5 audits - insights and hot topics 
This webinar from the Financial Services Faculty will provide helpful insights and hot topics specifically focused on CASS 5 
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7 September 2023

Silicon Valley Bank failure and social media risk
In this webinar we will explore how banks might avoid bank runs in the age of social media.

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21 June 2023

Unpacking the lessons learned from the failure of SVB
Join your Financial Services team for this webinar where we go through some of the issues surrounding the collapse of SVB.

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20 April 2023

Basel 3:1 the final parts of the prudential reforms?
This webinar will provide members with an overview of the final parts of the Basel reforms to be implemented in the UK.

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01 March 2023

Beyond Bitcoin: A new year with new challenges for cryptocurrencies & digital assets
This webinar will evaluate the prospects for crypto in 2023 and beyond looking at what's hot and what's not.

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17 January 2023

CASS Audits 2023
A high-level run through of all you need to know regarding the CASS rules. 

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06 October 2022 Safeguarding
A high-level run through of all you need to know regarding the Safeguarding rules and key lessons learnt from Safeguarding audits.
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06 July 2022

Beyond Bitcoin: Cryptoassets and associated tax challenges in 2022
This webinar examines the advancements of the volatile crypto market and NFTs.

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18 January 2022 CASS Audits 2022 (membership only)
Exclusive to ICAEW Financial Services members
this webinar gives a high-level run through of all you need to know regarding the CASS rules. Perfect for those planning for their CASS audit as well as practitioners preparing for their clients.
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Multiple during September 2021 and October 2021 

ESG Risk Series
Topics discussed will follow the science-data-risk-reporting-assurance theme. This will enable you, the audience, to treat the series as an introduction to ESG principles and requirements and appreciate all the challenges of meeting them. 

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See the full list of on-demand webinars and recordings.

Financial Services Faculty Helpsheets

Annual safeguarding audits for FCA regulated firms

This factsheet considers some of the questions and steps regulated firms and auditors/consultants may wish to consider in fulfilling the requirements set out in the Financial Conduct Authority’s (the FCA) guidance for payment services and e-money firms.

CASS 11 Debt Management

Debt management activities are defined by the following which is regulated by a set of rules under CASS 11 for client money

Interest earned on client money bank accounts (CASS)

This helpsheets provides firms the discretion on whether to pay a client any interest earned on client money balances. How much of the interest that is earned and paid over to the client is subject to a written agreement between the firm and the client.

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