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Financial Services Faculty Helpsheets

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10 questions NEDs should be asking about LIBOR transition

John Mongelard 24-08-2020

ICAEW’s Financial Services Faculty highlight 10 questions non-executive directors can ask to build a robust conversation around how their business is responding to the change. Therefore, the imminent change to LIBOR and its replacement with overnight rates will be far-reaching.

FSF Benchmark reform 2: Transition from LIBOR

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Benchmark reform update: Our first Benchmark Reform Helpsheet (published 10 August 2018) outlined proposed changes to LIBOR and the need to transition to alternative risk free rates (RFR). Since then, awareness of Libor Transition has increased and work has been done to mitigate known risks through the development of fallback language and alternate RFR products. This second Helpsheet sets out some of the market progress, key considerations, risks and the next steps.

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