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Hear what our partners are saying on topical issues impacting the accountancy profession.

A New audit Methodology for the Digital Era

Inflo’s Digital Audit methodology transforms the audit process. It takes a truly data-driven approach, while harnessing the power of digital workflow to achieve a more efficient and higher quality audit – yielding a vastly improved staff and client experience.

A smarter way to pass on your wealth

Married couples or those in a legally recognised civil partnership often pass their wealth to each other when they die through their Will. Usually, everything is left to the surviving person on the first death and then any children (if applicable) when the second dies. This is potentially the easiest way of passing on money, but using a trust can provide more protection.

3 Steps to Driving Agility in Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Do you have the right resources to focus on strategic business priorities? Can you plan at the customer level, volume or unit price, and dynamically see the impact through your financial statements? Is your organisation maximising the time available for analysis, scenario modelling and other value-added activities? Learn more in this solution brief from OneStream.

Cryptocurrency: A new wave of compliance activity

John Lewis, Senior Tax Consultant at Markel Tax, looks at an area of compliance activity that has been of increasing interest to HMRC in recent years and reflects on the modern world that we live in leading to the innovation and development of cryptoassets or cryptocurrency.

Welcome to a new era of audit quality and efficiency

By their very nature, audits are time-consuming and process-intensive – characteristics that have significant ripple effects throughout an audit firm, regardless of size. In this eBook, Confirmation explore the processes that make audits so complex and the potential for increasing audit efficiency utilising new technologies.

IFRS 17: Hands on introduction to the standard

This course assumes an understanding of the standard facilities and functionality in Microsoft Excel, and principles of actuarial and financial reporting; and includes hands-on examples and calculations.

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