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Hear what our partners are saying on topical issues impacting the accountancy profession.

IR35: what does the future hold?

As of 6 April, IR35 decision-making has moved almost universally away from the limited or personal service company (PSC) to end clients and the liability to the fee payer which is often a recruitment agency.

The pension lifetime allowance – could you breach it?

The pension lifetime allowance is currently £1.0731 million. The experts at Tilney have found that an increasing number of professionals are set to breach this allowance and pay a hefty tax charge when they come to take their pension. In this article, Tilney discuss what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Digital Links: a guide to MTD in 2021

Read this report to discover the pros and cons of the four compliance options put forward by HMRC and how to get the most out of digital links mandate.

2021 AGM Season Forecast

In this report, EQ share their top tips and recommendations for the season ahead, from managing a COVID-secure meeting to answering shareholder calls on climate change and sustainability.

Transforming FP&A teams from planners to trusted advisors

The events of the last year have caused a shift both in the plans organizations made for the future, and the way in which they’re now created. Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) leaders and teams are seeing increased pressure to provide more comprehensive scenario planning and business strategic input. But achieving this requires a step-change in the way FP&A teams work. To better understand how FP&A teams can elevate their position within the organization, ICAEW Insight spoke to Alistair Gurney, Group FP&A Director at Unit4.

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