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Private equity

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Westbridge Capital Profile

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WestBridge Capital partner Guy Davies speaks to Marc Mullen about the challenges that face small-cap private equity in the UK, as well as detailing the achievements of WestBridge so far.

Primary buyout themes

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Tim Whittard partner at WestBridge outlines recurring themes for primary buyouts

Long Haul

Astorg Partners is one of the oldest and most renowned French private equity firms. Chairman Xavier Moreno says keeping an eye on the long game is key to its reputation

Where credit is due

The positive impact of private equity on innovation, productivity and competitiveness across Europe is rarely recognised. Greg Gille looks at EVCA's latest report which aims to set the record straight.

The patient investor

Capital growth of portfolios has been the prevailing investment strategy of the credit boom. Gervais Williams argues that premium yield shares and smaller, nimbler companies will come to the fore.

What the doctor ordered

Funding a growing business is never easy, and getting hold of funding for SMEs has recently been something of a mystery. Richard Grethe, finance director of Focus Pharmaceuticals, tells Marc Mullen how he cracked it.

New regulations to hit private equity

2011 is likely to be a busy one for compliance teams, in-house lawyers and anyone else, especially in private equity, charged with navigating the baffling array of new rules about to hit the asset management industry.