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Private equity

Insights into growth capital, buyouts and follow-on mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


The expansion of Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Just outside Doncaster is Yorkshire Wildlife Park, home to more than 70 different species. Independent private sector growth investment firm BGF is backing its expansion during the most uncertain economic times since the Second World War. Brian Bollen reports on the YWP, its history and what may be in store in future.

COVID19 buyout Bespoke Health and Social Care

Completing an investment in a health sector business during lockdown is no mean feat. Jason Sinclair looks at how WestBridge Capital – advised by KPMG – persevered through hard times to back the Bespoke Health & Social Care management buy-out, completed in June this year

An exploration of buy and builds

Buy-and-builds have always been popular private equity strategies. Done well, they provide a shortcut to growth and increasing value on exit. But there will be new reasons for turning to buy-and-build platforms as businesses get through the COVID-19 crisis, reports Marc Mullen

Westbridge Capital Profile

WestBridge Capital partner Guy Davies speaks to Marc Mullen about the challenges that face small-cap private equity in the UK, as well as detailing the achievements of WestBridge so far.