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CEO and President's insights

View an archive of blogs from ICAEW CEO, Michael Izza, and from past ICAEW presidents.

CEO insights

Audit quality: why standard-setting matters


28 October 2020: Audit quality is not the sole responsibility of auditors. Regulators, inspectors and standard-setters all have a role to play, and auditing standards and the standard-setting process needs to be fit for purpose, writes ICAEW Chief Executive Michael Izza.

ICAEW marks Black History Month


30 September 2020: In the wake of recent global unrest, this year’s Black History Month takes on a new resonance. ICAEW Chief Executive Michael Izza outlines the challenges accountancy faces regarding representation and how ICAEW intends to drive change.

ICAEW: our roadmap for carbon neutrality


17 September: Chief Executive Michael Izza outlines ICAEW’s commitment to become carbon-neutral, making it the first major professional body in the UK to declare carbon neutrality.

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President insights

ICAEW President issues Council Member call


30 October 2020: With nominations for ICAEW Council elections opening on 12 November 2020, President David Matthews has called on chartered accountants to bring their real-life experiences to the table.

Eight countries, seven weeks, one profession

Fiona Wilkinson 19-12-2019

The final two months of the year are always a tremendously busy time for any ICAEW President, and I’m glad to report that 2019 has treated me no differently.

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