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Audit and Assurance Faculty

The Audit and Assurance Faculty is at the cutting edge of audit and assurance developments. Stay ahead of the rest with our comprehensive package of essential guidance and technical advice.

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Audit & Beyond

Audit & Beyond, the Audit and Assurance Faculty magazine.


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Audit and Assurance Faculty 2018 event programme

Stay ahead of the rest by attending one of our ever popular roadshows. Our roadshows offer great CPD opportunities and the chance to meet with speakers and fellow members. Or why not register for an online webinar?

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Technical Updates

The technical updates cover publications issued by the Accounting Standards Board, International Accounting Standards Board, Auditing Practices Board, International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board and associated bodies.

Technical releases and representations

Audit and Assurance technical releases.

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Details of the Audit & Assurance Faculty's 2018 AGM.


Audit and Assurance Committee

The Audit and Assurance Faculty Committee oversees the work of the faculty and its various technical committees. Comprising representatives from across the audit profession, each faculty committee member brings with them a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the current and future issues affecting the audit profession.