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EU and international trade

The UK left the EU on 31 December 2020 with new rules applying from 1 January 2021 or trading with the EU. Find a range of resources to help you navigate this new post-Brexit chapter.

EU and international trade

Desk view VAT and taxes
VAT and other taxes

Information and analysis of changes to VAT treatment, duties and other taxes.

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Sea container
Custom processes

Essential information on new customs procedures, tariffs, duty relief schemes and more.

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People in meeting room
HR issues

Updates on how Brexit will impact hiring, talent retention, business travel and your workforce.

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Accountancy profession

Essential information for accountants and auditors on running your practice, audit regulation and professional qualifications.

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Airplane wing over sea with container ships
Sales and supply chain

Guides and commentary on inventory planning and supply chain issues.

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Cash flow
Cashflow, finance and forecasting

Guides and updates on export finance, managing your cashflow and forecasting.

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Contracts, data and legal issues

Guides and commentary on regulatory issues, contracts, commercial relationships and data handling.

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Financial reporting

Essential information on the impact of Brexit on financial statements and corporate reporting.

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Container ship in port
Exporting and importing

Guides, updates and support on international trade.

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Desk with phone, notebook and pen

Guides, updates and analysis for audit firms on audit considerations and standards.

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Industry sectors

Guides, updates and analysis for specific business and industry sectors.

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Container ship
International resources

Practical guidance and updates for our members in Europe and around the world.

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News analysis and opinion

The latest news analysis and opinions relating to the UK leaving the EU and its impact.