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Keep up-to-date with tech issues and developments, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, and cyber security.

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Opinion and news analysis

ML: What is it really?

Data Analytics Community Advisory Group member Monica Odysseos returns with a second article in the ‘What is it really?’ series to simplify and explain newly defined terms and concepts in the world of Machine Learning for the non-tech user.

AI: What is it really?

Returning to the world of technology as a data scientist there was a lot to learn; and most of it, not explained simply enough. So, follow Data Analytics Community Advisory Group member Monica Odysseos on this journey as she looks to explain the world of AI…

Blockchain and cryptoassets

The essential guide to blockchain

This guide from the ICAEW sets out the key features of blockchain, and the challenges it must face to reach widespread adoption. It includes case studies of real-life applications, as well as examining its impact on accountancy.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt the work of finance teams – particularly those focused on transactional tasks – by offering a system of universal entry bookkeeping, removing the need for independent verification. Here ICAEW’s Tech Faculty and Deloitte outline the basics of this complex and developing technology.

Cyber threats to the manufacturing industry

Tim Robinson from Crowe shares his thoughts on cyber risks facing businesses and some simple strategies manufacturing businesses can take to build cyber resilience.

Retail in real-time: Getting ahead with data analytics

Find out how retailers can harness unstructured data alongside traditional metrics to influence every decision from forecasting and design, to timing marketing campaigns and product drops.

Hybrid working: making the tech work for teams

The pandemic has ushered in a new model of working, with many businesses considering adopting more flexibility in the longer term. That’s certainly the case for the Oil and Gas Authority, which is set to adopt a hybrid working method for its post-pandemic way of working.

Conditional formatting: Colouring a whole row

In this article, we talk about how to create a custom conditional formatting rule that will colour an entire row when a specific condition is met in one particular cell.

Isolating your inputs

This article highlights a time-saving technique to speed up month-end reporting.

Why merging cells sucks

In this article, we look at the most common pet hate of spreadsheet experts everywhere: merged cells.

Finance in a Digital World

Digital transformation

ICAEW has brought together these resources to help you understand how digital technologies are transforming economies and workplaces. Learn what it means for businesses and accountancy practices.

AI for finance professionals

ICAEW has brought together these resources to help you understand artificial intelligence and what it means for finance functions. Here you'll find support on identifying how AI can benefit your organisation and how it to start implementing the technology.

The future of accountancy work

Digital technologies are set to have a revolutionary impact on the work of accountants, both in business and in practice. ICAEW has gathered together these resources to ensure its members understand how finance functions will change, the skills that will be needed and the role you will play.

Tech Essentials: 10 steps to cyber security for smaller firms

Tech Essentials guides are designed to update members on the latest technology issues affecting and transforming the accountancy profession. Our cyber security edition explains how to best protect yourself, your business and your clients.

Costing business press

The ICAEW Library & Information Service provides a hand-picked collection of industry press articles as a benefit of ICAEW membership. Browse articles on costing.

Chart of the week: Broadband speeds

Our chart this week illustrates how home broadband capabilities have been improving in recent years, although still far short of ambitions to provide ultrafast speeds to most households across the UK.

Digitalisation of tax: international perspectives

Digitalisation is transforming how tax is reported and paid, with significant innovation and investment occurring in countries of all kinds. There is no single pathway to digitalisation, as our case studies show, but there is something to be learned from all of them.

Based on the materials created by ICAEW’s Tech Faculty, these resources became available to the wider ICAEW membership in January 2022.

Practice Tips

Practical advice, guidance and case studies written for faculty members working in practice. Aimed at helping you benefit from the capabilities and navigate the risks arising from new technology

Tech essentials guides

Providing updates on the latest technology issues affecting the accountancy profession. They aim to bring practical tips and expert insights on a range of topics, setting you up for any action you'll need to take.

Tech Talk

Technology is at the heart of all organisations today. The pace of change is growing ever faster. In the coming years, the finance profession will be profoundly altered by new and evolving technologies.