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Keep up-to-date with tech issues and developments, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, and cyber security.

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Byte size: Tech news roundup

IT writer Sandra Vogel reports on a probe into Google’s £2.1bn bid for Fitbit; tighter security for consumer-grade devices; an auction of mobile phone spectrum; research into human error in data breaches; a need to ‘reset the business ecosystem’; and flaws in an artificial intelligence system.

The essential guide to blockchain

This guide from the ICAEW sets out the key features of blockchain, and the challenges it must face to reach widespread adoption. It includes case studies of real-life applications, as well as examining its impact on accountancy.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt the work of finance teams – particularly those focused on transactional tasks – by offering a system of universal entry bookkeeping, removing the need for independent verification. Here ICAEW’s Tech Faculty and Deloitte outline the basics of this complex and developing technology.

Pandemic 2020: the new way of working

How do you recruit staff and blend an office while working remotely? Our members offer insights on the new business challenges of integrating new staff, keeping them in touch, maintaining advisory roles and addressing compliance issues.

Staying cyber safe at home

Data is at greater risk when working from home. David Adams looks at how companies are introducing technology such as encryption, biometric authentication and cloud-based services to ensure cyber security .

Data models: an engine for growth

9 November 2020: Engine B company co-founder Shamus Rae explains how the open source project aims to bring consistency into client data in fields as complex and diverse as audit, tax and the legal sector.

Finance in a Digital World

Digital transformation

ICAEW has brought together these resources to help you understand how digital technologies are transforming economies and workplaces. Learn what it means for businesses and accountancy practices.

AI for finance professionals

ICAEW has brought together these resources to help you understand artificial intelligence and what it means for finance functions. Here you'll find support on identifying how AI can benefit your organisation and how it to start implementing the technology.

RPA for finance professionals

ICAEW has brought together these resources to help you understand Robotic Process Automation (RPA), what it means for your organisation and how it to start implementing the technology.

The future of accountancy work

Digital technologies are set to have a revolutionary impact on the work of accountants, both in business and in practice. ICAEW has gathered together these resources to ensure its members understand how finance functions will change, the skills that will be needed and the role you will play.

We need to talk about cyber

Making sure your digital systems are secure is at the heart of risk mitigation, and it’s a conversation that needs to be held at board level, says Peter Lannon.

Big tech and the move to net zero carbon

24 July 2020: The world’s largest technology companies are making big moves to reduce their carbon emissions. ICAEW Tech Faculty’s Kirstin Gillon reviews the latest announcements and asks what other businesses can do to reduce their carbon footprint.


Implementing multiple apps and software for clients

Do you favour the “big bang” approach or the “softly softly” method? For a business startup, there is so much to consider and action, and the accounting is often a low priority, but a necessity, nonetheless.

NAO reports on post-Brexit border unreadiness

9 November 2020: A National Audit Office report on UK border preparedness for the end of the Brexit transition period has concluded that while progress is being made, significant disruption is likely, as many traders and third parties will not be ready for new EU controls.

Risks and assurance of emerging technologies

Cognitive and automation technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) have drawn a great deal of interest, but also concern about the potential for bias and misuse. ICAEW’s Tech Faculty examines the risks associated with the adoption of emerging technology and how these risks can be tackled through internal controls and assurance.