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Carbon neutral

ESG: the risks and opportunities

During September 2021 and October 2021, our event series enabled a better understanding of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk.

Banking Focus

Is KYC the key to anti-money laundering?

With London’s ‘laundromat’ moniker for dirty money back in the spotlight since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, evolving rules around KYC and AML may prove timely, Daniel Lanyon writes.

How long will this cost-of-living crisis last?

We are now at the point of the most significant phase in the cost-of-living crisis so far, though with no guarantee that it will not be repeated in the autumn. At least then, in the UK, there should not be new tax increases to add to the pain.

How big a shock is inflation to the financial system?

This has been an economic rollercoaster. Barely had we got used to the idea of the biggest recession since 1921 (and for a while the deepest since the Great Frost of 1709), which was the story of 2020, we have an inflation problem of the kind not seen for decades, which is the story of 2022.

Regaining trust in financial services

How far does Financial Services have to go to regain trust from consumers, asks Adam Leach.


ICAEW Annual Report 2021

View the full annual report and financial statements for 2021.

IFRS 9: the dog that barked too much?

When IAS 39 was replaced by IFRS 9 on 1 January 2018, it was perhaps little lamented, writes Steven Hall, Partner, Financial Services Risk Consulting, KPMG and Nicholas Mead, Director, KPMG. In a financial crisis that had manifold causes, some laid at least part of the blame for the 2008 meltdown on the ‘incurred loss’ provision model in IAS39 – inadequate, too little too late, or simply the dog that didn’t bark.

Unlocking the secrets of IFRS 9

Grant Thornton Head of Risk and Finance Assurance, Retail Banking Shuvo Banerjee looks at how the new accounting standard has impacted bank risk models.

Staying afloat during IBOR reform

Mark Spencer, Financial Services’ Accounting Advisory team lead at BDO, sets sail on the amendments issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and Financial Reporting Council (FRC).

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments - hedge accounting

This factsheet outlines the hedge accounting requirements of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments, comparing them with those of IAS 39. It also contains practical tips to help with implementation.

Is KYC the key to anti-money laundering?

With London’s ‘laundromat’ moniker for dirty money back in the spotlight since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, evolving rules around KYC and AML may prove timely, Daniel Lanyon writes.

How best to regulate the bank cloud boom?

The adoption of the cloud by banks is hard to regulate given the rapidly growing supply of services by third parties. But financial regulators are increasingly turning their sights on the megatrend.

Libor transition - what you need to know

Transitioning from LIBOR

The end of LIBOR will mean some big changes for businesses. The end date of December 2021 may seem a long way off, but companies need to start preparing now.

Corporate governance

Pre-recorded webinars

LIBOR Transition: The Regulators' View

Watch and listen to the recording of this webinar. FCA and Bank of England, in conjunction with ICAEW Financial Services, give their perspective on LIBOR Transition.


Culture and purpose in financial services

Inspiring confidence

ICAEW's Inspiring Confidence campaign explores the issues affecting consumers and financial services providers in a rapidly changing world.

Banks, insurers and investment managers play vitally important roles within society, to encourage economic development and allow individuals and businesses to save, invest, insure and make payments. We must have confidence in them. Responsible providers, responsible consumers, better regulation and better information underpin this confidence.

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