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Carbon neutral

ESG: the risks and opportunities

During September 2021 and October 2021, our event series enabled a better understanding of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk.

Banking Focus

Inflation negation

Investment managers face difficult decisions given present inflationary headwinds, with certain types of investments faring better than others. With inflation at a 40-year high, what strategies are being deployed by fund managers to negate its impact?

Banks dodged a windfall tax bullet, but the government’s still desperate for revenue

Interest rates had gone up sharply, and households and businesses were feeling the pain. Inflation was in double figures, partly under the impact of soaring energy prices, and the government was under pressure. In response, the chancellor announced a change that sent shudders through the banking sector.

Auditing amid economic uncertainty

On September 23rd, Kwasi Kwarteng, who had been appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer just 17 days earlier, held what he called a ‘fiscal event’…and quite the event it turned out to be.

Financial meltdown: will we ever learn?

After the early 1970’s budgets from Anthony Barber, ‘Barber boom’ acquired textbook status of how not to engage in fiscal largesse. Yet have we done it all over again?

How far could a Big Bang 2.0 go?

Dramatic reforms to financial services regulation are a cornerstone of the government’s strategy to meet its 2.5% growth target.


Banks could be caught up in IFRS 17 unexpectedly

Brendan van der Hoek, explores the impact of the new insurance standard, IFRS 17, for banks who are not insurers

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments - hedge accounting - Updated

This updated factsheet outlines the hedge accounting requirements of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments, comparing them with those of IAS 39. It also contains practical tips to help with implementation.

ICAEW Annual Report 2021

View the full annual report and financial statements for 2021.

2021 IFRS Accounts

This factsheet highlights new and modified requirements for preparers of IFRS accounts for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2021, as well as the implications of COVID-19, Brexit and climate change.

Unlocking the secrets of IFRS 9

Grant Thornton Head of Risk and Finance Assurance, Retail Banking Shuvo Banerjee looks at how the new accounting standard has impacted bank risk models.

How is inflation affecting banking?

Banking’s UK inflation predictions have come thick, fast and as high as a staggering 22%, but far from a casual observer the sector can expect an at best mixed bag of its own side effects from sky high prices.

Banking: All eyes on conduct

The banking world is moving into a recession-proofing mode at a time that rising interest rates are driving up bank’s income but the UK’s consumers and businesses face 18 per cent inflation forecasts.

Libor transition - what you need to know

Transitioning from LIBOR

The end of LIBOR will mean some big changes for businesses. The end date of December 2021 may seem a long way off, but companies need to start preparing now.

Corporate governance

Reduce the size of board packs

Following the publication of the Financial Services Faculty’s Information Overload Report earlier this year Hitesh Patel non-executive director at Aviva and chair of the ICAEW Insurance Committee and Zsuzsanna Schiff discuss how board packs can and should be improved

Pre-recorded webinars

LIBOR Transition: The Regulators' View

Watch and listen to the recording of this webinar. FCA and Bank of England, in conjunction with ICAEW Financial Services, give their perspective on LIBOR Transition.


Culture and purpose in financial services

Inspiring confidence

ICAEW's Inspiring Confidence campaign explores the issues affecting consumers and financial services providers in a rapidly changing world.

Banks, insurers and investment managers play vitally important roles within society, to encourage economic development and allow individuals and businesses to save, invest, insure and make payments. We must have confidence in them. Responsible providers, responsible consumers, better regulation and better information underpin this confidence.

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