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Coronavirus (COVID-19) hub

Coronavirus is not just a world health emergency; it is an economic one too. The economic impacts are plain to see and emergency provisions are being made worldwide in an attempt to support individuals, business and anyone who advises them. ICAEW is monitoring the situation closely and collating resources as conditions unfold.

Coronavirus: the Chancellor's statement - Michael Izza's message to members

20 March 2020: the Chancellor's announcement this evening of a far-reaching package of measures allows businesses in this country to stand by their employees at a time of national emergency. Such direct action by Government to keep people in employment is a really good start.

Lending facility for larger firms - coronavirus

Updated 19 May 2020: ICAEW's Corporate Finance Faculty explains the Bank of England’s direct lending facility for larger businesses, the Covid Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF), which is open for applications via banks. Options are available for businesses without a credit rating. Early repayment is available.

Business Finance Guide

New British Business Bank and ICAEW information on financial and operational challenges

UK practical business advice: COVID-19

We have provided a quick summary of UK government support and guidance from ICAEW to help you secure the advice and assistance you need.

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We represent more than 7,000 professionals and 80 member organisations.

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Financing change

Our corporate finance thought leadership initiative.

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Financing Change

Financing Change aims to advance the economic and social contribution of corporate finance activity by promoting better understanding of the value it can create and its role in improving efficiency and practice in capital markets.

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Corporate finance

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