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September 2023

As lending markets get tighter and the only certain thing on the horizon is uncertainty, advisers are sharpening their pencils to put a value on businesses. In this month’s cover story David Prosser looks at how sellers and buyers strike a price. Pharma, medical and biotech M&A is in the spotlight and we look at deals and the corporate finance network in the South West. We also profile the senior corporate finance professionals who became members of the faculty board this summer.

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Views on valuations

M&A is facing many challenges at present. To complete a deal, vendor and acquirer need to agree on a price. David Prosser speaks to investors and advisers about the different ways in which valuation can be viewed.
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News and views

Faculty news
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September 2023

This year’s Annual Reception, the new ‘Earn-outs in Deals’ guideline, and the Future of UK Capital Markets Regulation Summit.

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Jon Moulton ICAEW Corporate Financier
Jon Moulton on pensions and PE

Will recent pledges from pension funds to allocate cash to private equity achieve anything, asks Jon Moulton.

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Corporate finance advisory

Promotions and those on the move in corporate finance advisory.

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Legal advisory

Who’s on the move or been promoted in legal advisory.

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Private equity

Recruitment and promotions in private equity.

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Innovation and sustainable recovery

Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station Cornwall ICAEW Corporate Financier roadshow South West

Roadshow: South West

It’s been a subdued period for M&A activity in the South West, but advisers can now see clouds clearing as a raft of new regional funding becomes available. Andy Thomson reports.
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Trendwatch: Pharma, medical and biotech M&A

Solid long-term growth drivers have seen the pharma, medical and biotech sector navigate choppy M&A markets better than other industries. Nicholas Neveling looks at the longer-term prognosis.
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Insider dealing: APEM secures £50m+ funding

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is on the agenda of all businesses now, and it’s the E in ESG that APEM, which in June took on another round of funding, is focused on. Jason Sinclair reports.
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Future advisory professionals

ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty building architectural detail face
Corporate Finance Faculty Board

This year, the Corporate Finance Faculty welcomed a new chair and eight new board members. Meet them here.

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Mark Wilson Headpoint managing partner ICAEW Corporate Financier on my cv
Building blocks

If expectations are not initially met, be patient and address buyer value issues before re-engaging, is the advice from Mark Wilson of Headpoint.

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career paths
Hana Bell Simmons & Simmons corporate law Canadian London ICAEW Corporate Financier career paths
Steps to Europe

Hana Bell arrived from Canada in 2020 to COVID-19 controls and hiring freezes, waiting a year to join Simmons & Simmons corporate law team.

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