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Resources covering data analytics and big data, data handling, data protection and GDPR, and data presentation.

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November 2020 Update: Data protection and Brexit

When the transition period ends on 31 December 2020, the UK will become what is known as a ‘third country’ by the EU. This means UK organisations or individuals cannot assume they can continue to process the personal data of EU data subjects in the same way as now.

Intro to Financial Modelling - Part 13: VBA

It is a common request among those that aspire to be great modellers, that they want to "learn" VBA. But just as knowing your debits and credits doesn't make you good at business, knowing VBA doesn’t make you good at modelling. It is more difficult, but more useful, to learn how to structure your models to reduce or eliminate the need for VBA altogether.

Excel Tip of the Week 382 Keeping your VBA code readable

Hello all and welcome back to the Excel Tip of the Week! This week, we have a Developer post in which we’re going to look at a sort of meta-topic to accompany our ongoing exploration of VBA – specifically, how to keep your VBA code readable.

Finance in a digital world

Finance in a Digital World

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