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Resources covering data analytics and big data, data handling, data protection and GDPR, and data presentation.

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Looking to the future of AI in corporate advisory

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in corporate decision-making, investment and M&A. Last year, the faculty’s Shaun Beaney and Rosanna Woods of Drooms co-authored the AI in Corporate Advisory research report. This was followed in May by an evidence meeting held by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG-AI), hosted remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic

How to make lifelong learning work

27 August: Kaplan’s head of learning Stuart Pedley-Smith is an accountant and trainer. Here, he shares his views about how professional bodies and training providers could make lifelong learning work.

Excel Tip of the Week #359 - Audit sampling templates: VBA

This week we are concluding our three-part series examining different methods for building an audit sampling template with a Developer level post, working on solving the problem with VBA code.

Excel Tip of the Week #358 - Revisiting FREQUENCY

This week, we have a Creator level post in which we’re taking a second look at a handy function for data analysis, FREQUENCY. This was first covered back in TOTW #183.

Excel Tip of the Week #353 - Audit sampling templates: Dynamic arrays

A Creator-level post in which we kick off a new mini-series. In this mini-series we will be showing how you can build a template to do audit sampling in three different ways - with traditional Excel formulas, with VBA macros, and today's topic - how to build the template with the new dynamic arrays available in Excel for Microsoft 365.

Finance in a digital world

Finance in a Digital World

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