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Resources covering data analytics and big data, data handling, data protection and GDPR, and data presentation.

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The inflationary mirage

At some point this year, inflation is likely to drop significantly. This would of course be a welcome development, especially for charities, whose investment objectives are particularly threatened by inflationary environments. But beware mirages.


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Cyber security

This resource centre provides a focal point for ICAEW members looking for support in managing cyber risks.

A robust data entry table in Google Sheets

One key aspect to robust data entry is Data Validation, and Google Sheets’ version got a hefty upgrade last month making it far superior to Excel’s equivalent. Watch the video or see the descriptions with updated tips.

Why merging cells sucks

In this article, we look at the most common pet hate of spreadsheet experts everywhere: merged cells.

Mastering number formats

In this article, we focus on a topic of particular relevance to accountants and others working with financial data – number formats.

Conditional formatting: Colouring a whole row

In this article, we talk about how to create a custom conditional formatting rule that will colour an entire row when a specific condition is met in one particular cell.

Finance in a digital world

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