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Resources covering data analytics and big data, data handling, data protection and GDPR, and data presentation.

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What is advanced analytics?

Advanced analytics involves moving beyond traditional business intelligence tools and using statistical techniques based on data science. In the era of big data, these more sophisticated approaches to analysis are crucial to enable finance teams to become strategic business advisers.

Ethics and new technologies

Ethics is particularly important for the accountancy profession, with a code for professional ethics based on five basic principles – integrity, objectivity, competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behaviour. However, the emergence of new technologies raises some new challenges for the profession to address.

Think again

With fears that artificial intelligence could take away jobs from financial services, Matt Weston looks at how it’s potentially changing hiring for the better

Excel - cumulative totals

There are many situations where you might want to calculate a cumulative total in an Excel spreadsheet, from a straightforward running total for a list of bank transactions to cumulative values for use with an Excel chart that is animated over time.

Cover story: Ensuring cyber resilience

As cyber security risks continue to expand and evolve at an increasing pace, so cyber resilience becomes critical to an organisation’s ability to operate. George Quigley covers the best approach in four steps: business assessment, governance and oversight, risk management framework and incident response and recovery.

Power BI Desktop - Part two

Simon Hurst continues his guide to data display with some tips on how to keep up to date with changes and enhancements to customise your content.

Power BI Desktop - Part one

Power BI Desktop offers new ways to visualise and present data. In part one of his guide, Simon Hurst uses Facebook posts to demonstrate some of its capabilities.

Excel emojis

Although it's generally a good idea to keep reports as simple and clear as possible, the sparing use of unusual graphics can sometimes add to impact.

Finance in a digital world

Finance in a Digital World

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