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Resources covering data analytics and big data, data handling, data protection and GDPR, and data presentation.

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Why accountants can help schools navigate choppy waters

As pupils return to school, school governing boards are taking stock of the challenges they have faced in the wake of the pandemic and begin to look ahead to the new academic year. How can finance professionals get involved in helping schools navigate these choppy strategic seas – and what are the benefits of volunteering in education?

Cyber security

This resource centre provides a focal point for ICAEW members looking for support in managing cyber risks.

Clustered stack column chart

Pie and donut charts are not recommended for comparatives, this article suggests how to do them with a clustered stack column chart

Excel Tips and Tricks #455 - Data Conversion

Hello all and welcome back to the Excel Tips and Tricks. This week, we have a General User post in which we are taking a closer look at how to convert data types in Excel.


Three new text functions have been introduced in Excel to help extract values from text containing some sort of delimiter. We take a detailed look at some of the arguments available as part of these new functions to help you to get the most from them and also highlight some significant changes between the preview and release versions of the functions.

How to Review a Spreadsheet Part 4: Design Principles and Formula Errors

The last three blogs in this series will now look at validating the details within the spreadsheet. The range of these items that should be applied will need to be proportionate to the context, scale and risk of the spreadsheet being reviewed.

Finance in a digital world

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