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Apply for CPL with a professional qualification

You may be eligible to apply for credit for prior learning if you hold professional qualification. Please note that you cannot apply for credit for ACA modules where you have previously attempted that ACA exam.

Members of professional bodies

If you are a full member of CICPA, ICAB, ICAI (India, ICAP, ICASL or ICPAK, credits are part of your registration process.

Other professional qualifications

Online CPL directory

Check our credit for prior learning directory to see if credits are available

Check the CPL directory
For professional qualifications, credits are normally dependent upon membership and/or completion of specified papers.

ICAEW may from time to time vary its CPL costs for students registering with prior professional qualifications. To benefit from this, you must be registered with the ICAEW as a student in a training agreement or as an independent student before making your CPL application.

Currently there is no charge for CPL for the following groups:

  • ACCA students or affiliates
  • CIMA and CIPFA students
  • SOEL graduates
  • Members of the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • ICASL students on the Joint Membership scheme
  • KACR students or members

If this applies to you, please check our online CPL directory to see what credits may be available.

If you are eligible to apply for CPL under one of the current fee waivers listed, please input the appropriate voucher code in the payment section of the online CPL application.

Please note, applicants who apply using a CPL fee waiver voucher who are not eligible for free CPL will have their application deleted.

If this does not apply to you, please check our credit for prior learning directory to see if credits are available and then apply for credit online along with the appropriate payment.

If your professional qualification is not listed in the CPL directory, it is unlikely you will be eligible for any examination credit. However, please contact cpl@icaew.com with details on your qualification, including a dated certificate and a list of the examinations you passed under the qualification and we will confirm whether any credit is available.


CPL applications cost £80 per module at the Certificate Level and £112 for each Professional Level module.

Completing your application

During the application process you will be asked to upload documentary evidence of your professional qualifications and exam results. All documents must be in English and any translations must be formally certified. If you experience difficulties uploading your supporting documents you can email them to cpl@icaew.com quoting your ICAEW student number.

Good quality copies or scanned versions may be used. ICAEW routinely seek external verification from the professional body. Falsified documentation will be referred to our professional conduct department. Original documents are sent at the owner’s risk.

Please note we do not accept screenshots of web notification pages or similar electronic notifications.

Allow up to 14 business days for your completed application, with all supporting documents, to be processed.