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Investment Management

Practical guidance, commentary and support on the investment management sector for financial services professionals.

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Carbon neutral

ESG: the risks and opportunities

During September and October, our event series will enable better understanding of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk.

Investment Management Focus

Are economic difficulties due to bad luck or bad judgment

Writing for the Financial Services Faculty, David Smith, Economics Editor of the Sunday Times explores this question and considers it could be neither, but a consequence of the other.

Outsourcing investment: hit or miss?

Does investment outsourcing add real value for pension schemes and their members? Award winning journalist Stephanie Hawthorne weighs up the pros and cons

IFRS 9: the dog that barked too much?

When IAS 39 was replaced by IFRS 9 on 1 January 2018, it was perhaps little lamented, writes Steven Hall, Partner, Financial Services Risk Consulting, KPMG and Nicholas Mead, Director, KPMG. In a financial crisis that had manifold causes, some laid at least part of the blame for the 2008 meltdown on the ‘incurred loss’ provision model in IAS39 – inadequate, too little too late, or simply the dog that didn’t bark.

The FCA Business Plan decoded

Gavin Stewart, Director in Grant Thornton’s Financial Services Group, who spent 27 years as a regulator at the Bank of England, Financial Services Authority and Financial Conduct Authority, analyses the FCA’s Business Plan. He has written this article in a personal capacity.

Outsourcing investment: hit or miss?

Does investment outsourcing add real value for pension schemes and their members? Award winning journalist Stephanie Hawthorne weighs up the pros and cons

Climate change in a nutshell

Essential viewing for financial services professionals starts next month with the first three of six webinars from ICAEW, for those who want to get up to speed on climate change, writes Brian Cantwell.

Government Covid support schemes: who pays?

Laura Miller looks at the fine print for government lending schemes and asks who will actually pay for the coronavirus loans across a range of outcomes.

Libor transition - what you need to know

Investment management webinars

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments

This webinar is designed to inform the audience of the key component parts for generating the new Expected Credit Loss (ECL) calculations, also known as Impairment provisions, as required under International Financial Reporting Standard 9.

Emoney and what you need to know

ICAEW has created an e-money helpsheet to help businesses and their advisers understand whether such accounts are appropriate for their needs.

Introduction to Will Drafting

Delegate pack from the October 2019 Retirement Planning Workshop.

Client Assets Sourcebook (CASS) and Outsourcing

Information for CASS auditors when determining procedures over outsourcing arrangements and how they apply to the CASS rules.

Culture and purpose in financial services

Inspiring confidence

ICAEW's Inspiring Confidence campaign explores the issues affecting consumers and financial services providers in a rapidly changing world.

Banks, insurers and investment managers play vitally important roles within society, to encourage economic development and allow individuals and businesses to save, invest, insure and make payments. We must have confidence in them. Responsible providers, responsible consumers, better regulation and better information underpin this confidence.

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