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Analysis of financial data

Covers the basic methods and techniques of data analysis.

Complete CFO handbook: from accounting to accountability, The

An overview of cost accounting for financial executives.

Corporate finance: theory and practice

A European guide to using financial theory to solve practical problems.

Cost of capital: applications and examples

This title gives background and current thinking on the development and uses of rates of return on capital. This edition gives an emphasis to practical application and case studies.

Count down: the past present and uncertain future of the big four accounting firms (2nd edition)

This title looks at 'the questionable value and the uncertain viability of Big Audit— the business, regulatory and legal model by which audit services are delivered to the world's largest companies by the surviving global accounting networks: the Big Four - Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC'. It looks at the current state of 'Big Audit' and the future of these firms.

Dictionary of business and management

This dictionary covers terminology used in ares of business and management including strategy, management, human resources, sales, marketing, insurance, finance and economics.

Dictionary of financial engineering

Dictionary of terms used in financial engineering - derivative instruments and risk management.

Dictionary of industrial terms

Dictionary of over 8,200 terms relating to industry, manufacturing and engineering. Includes hundreds of figures and tables.

Directors' remuneration

Overview of the legislation and regulatory regime relating to directors' remuneration for UK companies..

Doing business with the United Arab Emirates

A guide to working with and within the UAE.

End of accounting and the path forward for investors and managers, The

An innovative new valuation framework with truly useful economic indicators.

Financial Times guide to bonds and money markets

This title describes how the bond and money markets work and how they impact on everyday life. It assumes no specialised prior knowledge of finance theory and provides an authoritative and comprehensive run-down of the workings of the modern financial system.

Financial Times guide to saving and investing for retirement: the definitive handbook to securing your financial future.

This title provides everything you need to know about how to save and invest so that you can successfully plan for your retirement. It contains information on taxes, ISAs, pensions, investing across different assets and buying property

Financial regulation in the EU: from resilience to growth

This publication looks to provide a bigger picture view of the impact and future of financial regulation in the EU, exploring the relationship between microeconomic incentives and macroeconomic growth, regulation and financial integration, and the changes required in economic policy to further European integration.

Fintech book, The: the financial technology handbook for investors, entrepreneurs and visionaries

A guide to the financial technology revolution for entrepreneurs, bankers and investors with information required to capitalise on this market.

Fundamentals of fund administration: a complete guide from fund set up to settlement and beyond

Information about fund products and infrastructure for the benefit of managers.

Handbook of asset and liability management : Volume 2: applications and case studies

In this title practitioners and scholars describe and analyze asset and liability management (ALM) models used in banking, insurance, money management, individual investor financial planning, pension funds, and social security

Handbook of hedge funds

A personal analysis of hedge funds and their use.

How the City really works: the definitive guide to money and investing in London's Square Mile

The key institutions, products and professions of the City of London.

How the stock market works: a beginner's guide to investment

A guide to how the stock markets work and the effects of the market on savings, investment portfolios and pensions.

Inside Washington: government resources for international business

A resource for navigating the products and services of various US and foreign government agencies.

International valuation handbook 2015: guide to cost of capital

The handbook provides data and guidance that will enable you to assess risk and to develop cost of capital estimates on a global scale.

International valuation handbook 2016: guide to cost of capital

The handbook provides data and guidance that will enable you to assess risk and to develop cost of capital estimates on a global scale.

Introduction to Islamic finance, An: theory and practice

Guide to the theory and features of Islamic financial systems.

Introduction to derivative financial instruments: options, futures, forwards, swaps, and hedging

A comprehensive guide to derivative financial instruments.

Islamic finance: law, economics, and practice

Qualitative overview of the practice of Islamic finance.

Mastering Islamic finance: a practical guide to sharia-compliant banking, investment and insurance

A practical and accessible guide to Islamic finance that helps demystify the differences with conventional banking, enabling practitioners to develop Sharia compliant products for customers

No small change: why financial services needs a new kind of marketing

This book takes the form of a 13-point practical manifesto arguing that the fast-changing financial services world urgently needs to rethink the whole of its approach to marketing. The thirteen chapters look at the key components of the new approach.

Practical guide to the insurance act 2015, A

This title is a thorough introduction to The Insurance Act 2015 - the first comprehensive statutory reform of the insurance law of the United Kingdom since the Marine Insurance Act 1906.

Strategic corporate finance: applications in valuation and capital structure

Practical guide to modern corporate finance.

Tax havens today: the benefits and pitfalls of banking and investing offshore

How to reduce taxes by by moving your business offshore.

UK GAAP 2019: Generally Accepted Accounting Practice under UK and Irish GAAP

Fully updated guide focusing on each area of the financial statement along with illustrative examples. It provides a detailed guide to interpreting and implementing the UK accounting standards FRS 100, FRS 101, FRS 102, FRS 103 and FRS 104.

Understanding Islamic finance

Introduction to the essential issues and products involved in Islamic finance.

VaR implementation handbook, The

Examines the application of Value at Risk (VaR) to investments and asset management.

Valuation handbook 2016: guide to cost of capital

The handbook is designed to aid finance professionals in estimating the cost of equity capital and establishing hurdle rates for investment projects.

Valuation of financial companies

This book presents the main valuation approaches that can be used to value financial institutions.

Wall Street words: an A-Z guide to investment terms for today's investors

Guide to terms used in financial circles in the United States. Includes case studies of investment examples and tips from industry professionals.

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