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Getting your results

You can receive your exam results by text, via your online training file or by calling us.

Certificate Level exam results

You can access your results 24 hours after your exam via your online training file under the 'Examinations' tab. However, please note that if you receive your exam results on the same day as the ACA Professional or Advanced Level exam results are released, they will be available at a slightly later time than usual.

From 1 March 2021, for each exam you pass, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement. Each certificate demonstrates the new skills you have acquired and is available within your online training file. Download your certificate and share it with your family, friends and employer. You also have the option to print your certificate.

Professional and Advanced Level exam results

Results will be released on set dates for each exam session.

You can receive your results in different ways:

By text

You can choose to receive your exam results by text message. Registration for this service can be completed as part of the online exam application process or using the results notification link of the online exam applications system. The deadline for applications for receiving results this way is 17.00 (UK time) on the Friday prior to the relevant results despatch at each session.

Via your online training file

You can view your results in your online training file:

Re-sitting an exam

Marks review and marks feedback

Once you have received your exam results, if you have failed an exam and believe that the result is not correct or you would like more information about your marks, you can request either a marks review or marks feedback.

You can apply for a Marks review up to two weeks after results are published, and Marks feedback up to one year after the date of the exam sitting.

Exam awards

We appreciate that you work really hard for the ACA exams, so we recognise this and award prizes to the students who achieve the highest marks. Subject order of merits are awarded each quarter for Certificate Level, and following each exam session for Professional and Advanced Level exams. Annual order of merits are also awarded across all Levels on a yearly basis.

For the first Certificate Level exam award you achieve, a Montblanc fine stationery lined notebook with a leather cover is awarded and £100 for each subsequent prize at this level.

For the first Professional or Advanced Level exam award you achieve, a Montblanc Meisterstück Classique platinum-plated ballpoint pen is awarded and £450 for each subsequent prize at this level. If you achieve first place at the Advanced Level Annual Order of Merit, the Peat medal is awarded.

Also awarded annually is the Livery Company prize. In collaboration with the Chartered Accountants’ Livery Charity, the award recognises the achievements of Level 4 Accounting Technician Apprenticeship students who have obtained the top three places within the Annual Order of Merit.