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The good, the bad and the future

Only two weeks after the UK voted to leave the EU, the Market Abuse Regulation came into effect. Russell Holden and Claudia Frame reflect on what this may entail.

Cheap crystal balls

The FRC has demanded that Plc directors take a view on the viability of their businesses. Jon Moulton muses on the silly stuff that is the result.

Power to the people?

With worker representation on Plc boards in the UK being mooted, Jon Moulton looks at the pros and cons of having employees in the boardroom.

Act dont react

The growing issue of shareholder activism continues to make headlines across the world as activist investors target new companies and new geographies. Andrew Wingfield looks at how PLCs should prepare to deal with such challenges.

Beyond our borders

Volatility was the word on everyone’s lips in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote. Jackie Bowie looks at the longer-term prognosis for the UK and the world economy.

Life on death row

Statements about the short-term viability of companies are resource-costly and benefit-cheap, argues Jon Moulton.

Wings clipped

New taxation treatment in respect to carried interest in the UK is the latest move against private equity, says Jon Moulton. But where to next for the industry?

Balancing Act

When you’re a reporting accountant on a Main Market listing, it’s vital to present requirements in a digestible way, says Diane Gwilliam.

Who's Next?

No one is infallible says Jon Moulton, contrary to what the FRC would have us believe about its infallibility.

Three Ps in Dubai

As Dubai changes its thinking from ‘post-oil’ to a low oil price, it has joined a growing list of governments that are developing a public/private partnership-specific law. Stephen Knight asks: will it be a game changer?

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