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Capital markets and investment

Accessing global equity and debt, IPOs, infrastructure and project finance.



Healthy outlook: life sciences M&A

Dealmaking in the life sciences sector remains strong. David Prosser looks at patient capital investing in future patients.

Building up cyber security

Cyber security is an ever-increasing issue for businesses. Following the launch of the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty’s guide on cyber security in M&A, Marc Mullen looks at where advisers can help.

Trendwatch: Industrials

Control of industrial assets and greening of old industry are two of the many drivers for M&A in the industrial sector. Jason Sinclair looks at recent transactions.

Insight: well-being

Corporate finance professionals are no strangers to the pressures of work. However, firms are increasingly turning the spotlight on staff well-being.

More than a greenwash

Investable businesses increasingly have to demonstrate their ESG credentials, but are firms actually delivering on their green commitments?

Tough times for fundraising

Following a heady fundraising period, private equity now faces more tricky times. How are institutional investor appetites shifting? And how do firms raise capital in today’s market? Vicky Meek reports.

The big infra challenge

The sheer scale of energy transition projects means there will be no lack of demand for private capital to be deployed in infrastructure. In the UK, however, rising costs are creating a deliverability issue. Andy Thomson reports.

London’s IPO market

As a leading centre for investment capital, London needs a healthy IPO market. David Prosser looks at the challenges it faces in an increasingly competitive market for capital and businesses considering a listing.

Analysis and trends

Sovereign wealth funds

At the end of last year, there were 95 active sovereign wealth funds managing a combined $9trn of assets worldwide – an 8% increase on 2019. They make large investments in tech, services and life sciences, and they’re UK targeting trophy assets. David Prosser reports.

Song rights a billion pound business

“These songs are as valuable as gold.” Since it was launched in 2018, music investment company Hipgnosis has raised more than £1bn based on the intellectual property value and management of successful albums and songwriters’ back catalogues.

Modernising London's listing rules

The recent review of the UK Listings Regime by Lord Hill proposed a number of major changes that might increase the attractiveness of London listings. Nicholas Neveling spoke to expert Corporate Finance Faculty members about the potential new rules.

Future IPO analysis

Expected growth in emerging market exchanges has been reined in, according to a survey of global executives’ expectations by the Economist Intelligence Unit and PwC. Are developed market exchanges more resilient than we thought?

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Corporate Finance Technical Releases

A listing of Technical Releases published by the Corporate Finance Faculty, including:
Guidance for preparers of prospective financial information - a preparation framework for financial forecasts or projections, including forecasts prepared for public and private market finance-raising.