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ICAEW Business and Finance Professional (BFP)

An internationally recognised designation and professional status from ICAEW. The BFP letters help professionals demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience in business and finance, as well as their commitment to ongoing development and to high ethical and technical standards.

Benefits of the BFP designation

  • Professional recognition and ongoing support and advice from a world leading professional body
  • Enhances employability by demonstrating up-to-date technical knowledge and commitment to ongoing professional development.
  • Demonstrates compliance with an internationally recognised Code of Ethics.
  • Provides access to specialist management and personal development content.
  • Tailored online training programmes in Microsoft Excel.
  • Access to latest accountancy, business and economic news.

About the designation

ICAEW Business and Finance Professional (BFP) is an internationally recognised professional designation from one of the world's leading professional body.

With the BFP status, professionals demonstrate that they have a solid understanding of how businesses operate and that they meet the ICAEW standards relating to technical knowledge, business skills and ethics. 

Similar to our members, ICAEW Business and Finance Professionals need to demonstrate their commitment to their professional development. In order to do so, they have access to a variety of exciting resources and benefits.

Who is eligible for BFP?

Whether you're new to ICAEW or have completed one of our qualifications, you can start your journey towards becoming a BFP at any point. You can be any of the following:

  • ICAEW CFAB student or holder or eligible for exemptions through your degree
  • Current or former ACA student
  • An ICAEW apprentice at Level 4 or Level 7
  • New to ICAEW
  • An ICAEW member

You can find out what your first step is on our applications page.

What are the BFP requirements?

There are three key elements to complete before you can apply for your BFP designation:

ICAEW CFAB  Ethics programme  Work experience 

ICAEW CFAB is a certificate-level qualification from ICAEW. It provides essential knowledge and practical skills in finance, accounting and business.

There are no minimum entry requirements to do the ICAEW CFAB qualification which is your first step to becoming an ICAEW Business and Finance Professional.

An online Ethics Learning Programme that meets internationally recognised standards for professional accountants. You must demonstrate that you have 12 months' full-time work experience in a business and/or finance role.

If you're on one of our apprenticeship programmes, your work experience could count towards the BFP requirement, provided that it is properly signed off as per BFP regulations. You will only need to get 12 months’ worth of work experience recognised to be eligible to apply towards the designation. Please check the applications page for more information. 

How do you apply for the BFP designation?

Once you’ve completed all three elements you’re ready to apply to become an ICAEW Business and Finance Professional.

There’s a one-off registration fee of £25 and the annual subscription fee is £125*.

However, if you're earning less than £28,028 p.a, you are eligible for our concession rate, and your subscription fee would then be £50. 

BFP designation holders need to disclose any convictions, agree to abide by the relevant regulations which include adhering to ICAEW’s Code of Ethics and keeping their CPD under review in line with principal bye-law 56.

*ICAEW members who only want to use the BFP designation do not have to pay the annual subscription fee. ACA students also do not have to pay to use the BFP letters until their membership is started.  

What’s included in the annual subscription?

In addition to the prestige associated with the BFP designation, ICAEW Business and Finance Professionals also have access to a wide range of resources to support them in their personal and professional development. Here is an overview of what is included:

Designatory letters

As a BFP, you have the right to use the BFP designatory letters after your name. Using these can help you demonstrate your status as an ICAEW Business and Finance Professional and the recognition from a membership organisation.

Business and finance refresher

An A-Z of reference materials covering a wide range of finance, accounting and business topics, including the elements you'll have covered in your CFAB exams.


A suite of online Excel training modules, a personalised training plan, model spreadsheets and video tutorials helping you to minimise spreadsheet risk and increase competency in this essential business tool. Through the online community and the weekly blogs you'll be learning from recognised experts who use, train and consult on Excel. 

Your chosen technical specialism

Tailored technical content and ICAEW thought leadership and opinion on the latest technical and business issues affecting the profession. Choose the specialism that’s most relevant to your current job or chosen future career:

  • Assurance and Risk
  • Corporate Finance and Deals
  • Tax


One-to-one, free and confidential help from ICAEW’s technical advisory and ethics helplines, as well as support from ICAEW’s library research team.


Business, finance and accountancy news and analysis from ICAEW Insights.

Lifestyle discounts and offers

A range of discounts and offers from high street and online retailers.

Offering BFP in your organisation

If you're an employer or responsible for training and would like to train staff towards the designation or award them with BFP status, we have a dedicated area with more information.