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Updating your details

We use the information you provide to understand your needs. We also use it to tailor our communications with you.

Update your details at any time at my.icaew.com

Your contact details

If we can’t contact you, you could be missing out on important news and updates. Please take a moment to check your contact details are up to date and you’ve set your preferred mailing address.

Your registered address is used to determine your constituency for Council elections. As ICAEW is moving towards direct Council elections for all members worldwide, starting with ‘Europe & Eurasia’ for appointments starting in June 2017, you could lose your chance to vote if you’re in the wrong constituency.

Personalise your membership experience

Your member profile

Please keep your member profile up to date with details of your role, responsibilities and sector.

The more we know about you, the better we can support your career. We tailor our communications and services to the information you provide in your profile. So, if you change jobs or decide to take a career break please remember to tell us so that we can update you with the most relevant information.

Your communications preferences

The Preference Centre enables you to customise the communications you receive from us. ICAEW runs events and produces newsletters and information on topics ranging from Audit to XBRL. We only want to update you on subjects and sectors you’re interested in so here you can choose the topics that interest you, the newsletters you want to receive, and the locations you want to travel to for events.

Please review your communication preferences regularly to ensure you’re receiving the most relevant information from us.