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The Future of Tax

As digital technologies transform the worlds of work and leisure, the UK government grapples with balancing the books while ensuring its tax system is fit for purpose.

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The future of tax Insights special

The world is changing – and so is the role of chartered accountants. Our major new content series explores how chartered accountants are helping to tackle some of the most urgent social challenges within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and considers how the profession could do even more in the future. Are you ready?

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4 ways for chartered accountants to stop criminal activity in their organisation

Chartered accountants can help to spot and prevent fraud from taking place. We examine a real case of a business that discovered its chief financial officer had been falsifying accounts. The real case of a chief financial officer who tried to manipulate his company's financial position to support its share price, and 4 ways that chartered accountants can help to stop similar criminal activity in their organisation. 

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Are you ready for the transition towards net-zero carbon emissions?

As the world moves to more sustainable sources of energy, Dr Angela Wilkinson of the World Energy Council sets out how businesses can adapt, and the impact of COVID-19 on the energy transition required.

Navigating a pandemic through data visualisation

What the COVID-19 crisis can tell us about visualising data effectively.

Black History Month video series

ICAEW features a series of videos showcasing some of our most inspirational black members. They share some of their experiences and insights on issues such as leadership, skills and intersectionality in the profession.

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Infographic: Edelman Trust Index

Overall levels of trust in governments, business, the media and non-governmental organisations rose six points to an all-time high between January and May 2020, according to the Edelman Trust Index.

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