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COP26 and climate

Find inspiration, information and practical resources to support the goals of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow and explore why it represents a critical time for the profession.

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A dusky horizon with silhouettes of smoking industrial buildings and electricity pylons

The world is changing – and so is the role of chartered accountants. Our major new content series explores how chartered accountants are helping to tackle some of the most urgent social challenges within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and considers how the profession could do even more in the future. Are you ready?

The Crisis of Trust in Data and Information

We consider the role that chartered accountants play in safeguarding data and information that is accurate and objective.

4 ways for chartered accountants to stop criminal activity in their organisation

Chartered accountants can help to spot and prevent fraud from taking place. We examine a real case of a business that discovered its chief financial officer had been falsifying accounts. The real case of a chief financial officer who tried to manipulate his company's financial position to support its share price, and 4 ways that chartered accountants can help to stop similar criminal activity in their organisation. 

A listing of one-off Insights specials that focus on a particular subject, interviewing the key people, identifying developing trends and examining the underlying issues.

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What the Dasgupta Review means for business and accountancy

Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta sat down with ICAEW to talk about his review into the economics of biodiversity and his hopes for the future.

Navigating a pandemic through data visualisation

What the COVID-19 crisis can tell us about visualising data effectively.

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5 key areas of the BEIS White Paper

5 key areas of the BEIS White Paper

This chart reflects the Audit, Reporting and Governance Authority (ARGA)’s significant new powers and the expanded director and auditor duties being proposed in the BEIS White Paper.

It shows at a glance the main areas the White Paper addresses, from establishing ARGA to improving the reliability of audits.

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