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Directors duties and responsibilities

Beatriz Araujo & Jo Hewitt, Baker McKenzie and Joan Medland, PwC discuss the role and duties of directors.

Building your cybersecurity defences

Stuart Jubb, MD of Consulting at Crossword Cybersecurity, and Nikki Cole, an experienced Non-Executive Director, discuss the processes that Boards should have in place to manage their cybersecurity risks.

Fighting fraud: the internal audit

Martyn Scrivens, Chair of the ICAEW's Internal Audit Advisory Panel and Martin Robinson, consultant for the Fraud Advisory Panel and advisor to the Chartered Institute of Internal Audit, look at the role of internal audit and its use in preventing, detecting and responding to fraud.

The value of having the right culture

Sophie Black, Partner at Mercer and John Davies, Associate Director at EY share their views on the value and importance of culture in an organisation. Both speakers share details of their research into organisational culture and how culture can be measured.

Leading an effective audit committee

Angela Crawford-Ingle, Chair of Audit & Risk Committees at Beazley plc, Swinton Insurance and River and Mercantile Group, and Tim Copnell, Founding Chairman of KPMG’s UK Audit Committee Institute share best practice in leading an effective Audit Committee.

Whistleblowing and fraud

Ian Foxley, whistleblower and Dino Bossi, Addveritas share their views on the benefits of whistleblowing and the system that should be in place to support people.

Managing social media to avoid reputational damage

Jennifer Janson, Six Degrees and Jamie Harley, PwC discuss the potential impact of social media on reputation, how best to manage this risk and use social media to the benefit of the organisation.

Worker representation on boards

Graeme Nuttall OBE (Fieldfisher), and Andrew Ninian (The Investment Association) discuss how worker representation on boards could work for business.

Directors - do you understand your duties

The duties of directors of English companies were codified by the Companies Act 2006 (the "Act").

The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies

Employees, customers and suppliers who suffer losses as a result of a large company’s collapse aren’t interested in its legal form, and neither are the politicians who have to deal with the fallout.

9 Traits of an effective Audit Committee

Having an effective Audit Committee is essential for good corporate governance as it leads on financial reporting, internal controls, risk management and external audit functions.

Proposed changes to corporate reporting

Last Monday the Government tabled in Parliament a Statutory Instrument (SI) designed to put into law several aspects of Corporate Governance reform as established as part of the Government’s Green Paper on the subject last year.

New governance principles for large private companies

On 13 June the Financial Reporting Council published a consultation on corporate governance principles for large private companies.

Carillion – a watershed moment for the profession

Michael Izza was very much in demand by the media for the profession’s reaction to the recent Select Committees’ report on Carillion.

Governance briefing

Updates on UK, EU and other International developments from the Corporate Governance Committee