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The creatives' accountant

Financing the creative industries has its idiosyncrasies, and Simon Flamank has spent 35 years learning them. He speaks to Marc Mullen about his latest role – and previous highs and lows.

Keep your friends close

Steve Ivermee, EY’s transaction advisory services managing partner in the UK, tells Marc Mullen why he thinks the three Cs are the way ahead for professional services.

EY on a mission

In the first of a series of features on Corporate Finance Faculty member firms, Brian Bollen looks at EY’s acquisitions and how it looks at deploying M&A to expand its international services.

New Chairman for Middle East Network

EY partner Matthew Benson (below left) has taken over as chairman of the advisory panel of the Corporate Finance Faculty’s Middle East network. He has taken over from Sanjay Vig (right), managing director at Alpen Capital, having been deputy chairman since 2014, after he moved from Dubai with EY.

Wish you were here

It’s impossible to escape email. Jon Moulton is Down Under, planning some communication ground rules so he can have a proper gap year next time.

Honest, Guv’nor

When all around you is falling apart and the proverbial has hit the fan, honesty is the best policy, argues Jon Moulton

Faculty rewards success

Dale Murray CBE told more than 200 guests at the Corporate Finance Faculty’s annual reception, held at the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall: “Failure is highly overrated. I had many opportunities to fail, but I was very lucky that I did not grasp them all”

High Flying

An airship needs a lot of helium. But it also needs finance to get it off the ground. Stuart Rock looksat HAV, an ambitious Bedfordshire company that’s on the way up.

More Than Adding Up

Given 100 days to integrate a $1.2bn acquisition – success is down to planning, clarity of communication and sticking to the script, says EY’s Michel Driessen.

Your faculty has gone strength to strength

The Corporate Finance Faculty’s membership has increased from about 4,500 to more than 7,000 over the past five years, and there are now more than 80 member organisations.

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