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Professional In-house Training from ICAEW

We are the leading provider of in-house finance training courses for professionals in business and practice, across a wide range of sectors. We partner with you to gain a deep insight of your organisational challenges and goals, identify financial training needs and deliver a high quality learning solution. Our aim is to safeguard the skills of you and your teams, to future-proof your career in the age of digital transformation.

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In-house training benefits



Learning solutions that are designed to ensure that finance continues to add value to the business.



Learning is delivered in a format to suit your particular requirements - face-to-face, e-learning or a blend of both.



Savings through economies of scale.



Dedicated support from our Academy team and industry-leading trainers, making it hassle-free

What our clients say about us


  • What our clients say about us

    Vodafone LogoVodafone’s Finance Excellence Programme

    Vodafone commissioned ICAEW Academy to deliver a bespoke finance talent development programme to develop twenty of their potential finance leaders of the future. The aim was to grow their finance talent pipeline from within the organisation, equipping them with technical excellence, commercial insight and leadership skills.

    “The course that ICAEW designed for us has been very collaborative in terms of developing the programme and offered the delegates the opportunity to learn much more widely than just a very narrow finance brief. Using a number of business case studies, with a lot of work on soft skills such as influencing and challenging, we’ve been able to get people to raise their eyes above the finance parapet and see their business in the broader context of the role. This programme has helped us have a much stronger pipeline of future finance directors.”

    Peregrine Riviere, Director of Investor Relations, Vodafone


    Having completed the FTEN leadership programme in 2015, Deepak Jayaprakash, FD of Expedia EMEA, partnered with the Academy for a comprehensive curriculum for training and development across the finance functions of their three businesses (Expedia, Hotels.com and Expedia Affiliates Network). The vision was to support career progression, create a step change for how finance supported the business, and drive performance by bringing the different teams to share successes and challenges.

    “This was a hugely successful programme with great engagement from all the delegates.  Whilst we had some specific corporate objectives around up-skilling the finance function and improving retention rates, we were very pleased that the Finance team themselves were very keen to participate on the programme so we were clearly filling a development gap.  We saw the training programme as an investment in our people, and like all investments it is important to measure the ROI.  We did this by measuring alignment to our Key Core Competency framework on a pre/post basis.  The results were impressive with significant improvements in all metrics, and in addition we also had a number of case studies where Finance had improved the quality of our reporting insights and business partnering engagement. The inaugural 2016 programme had 70 delegates and given its success for our 2017 programme we were able to roll out the programme wider to include all Expedia group businesses in Europe so we now have 120 delegates.”

    Deepak Jayaprakash, Finance Director of Expedia EMEA

    Barclays LogoBarclays Qualified Accountants Rotation Programme

    ICAEW Academy were asked by Barclays to create a bespoke programme to support staff in their transition from working at a big four accountancy firm to working within the Barclays finance team. The aim was not only to support this transition but also to develop resilience and confidence to ensure success in a career at Barclays.

    “ICAEW recently hosted a ‘Transition from Practice to Industry’ course for the Qualified Accountant Rotation Programme. This course was specially Designed to help colleagues explore how to deal with tough situations when operating in a business environment and explore the psychology of transition and ways to develop resilience and confidence to succeed in a career at Barclays. The programme was extremely well received by colleagues, providing them with time to reflect on actions made in the past, while building strong decision-making skills for the future.”

    Victoria Balmer, Global Finance COO Team, Barclays

  • Professional services sector

    ccwCrowe Clark Whitehill’s Manager Development Programme, MDP

    Crowe Clark Whitehill recognised that in order to achieve significant growth aspirations, it was essential to embed cross-functional working in all regions. Critical to this was investment in the management population to boost morale and engagement levels, while developing the skills to drive performance and enable growth across the business.

    “MDP has been transformational. The training programmes that you’ve delivered have brought the firm together. We have a really engaged workforce at the moment, with everyone pulling in the right direction. It’s no coincidence we had a very good financial year last year.”

    Tony White, People Director

    AABAnderson Anderson and Brown, Senior Management Leadership programme

    ICAEW bespoke programmes

    The senior management and HR team at Anderson Anderson and Brown worked with ICAEW to customise the Developing Leadership in Practice (DLiP) programme for a select group of senior managers. Holding it in-house meant the participants got more attention from the facilitators and allowed us to tailor the content to make sure it was in line with the firm’s objectives.

    ICAEW solution

    We worked on four key areas with delegates:

    • Self-awareness – understanding their own behaviour and their impact on others;
    • Goal setting – taking time out of the office to focus on their future and personal goals;
    • Influencing skills – understanding how to influence internally and externally effectively;
    • Support network – the opportunity to give feedback in a confidential environment.

    “Each participant came away feeling confident they knew how to lead the business, which was one of our main objectives and made the programme a huge success.”

    Karen Stewart, HR Director at Anderson Anderson and Brown LLP

    MHAMHA MacIntyre Hudson’s annual leadership and coaching programme for aspiring partners

    Top 20 firm MHA MacIntyre Hudson chose ICAEW to design and deliver a programme aimed at the future leaders of their firm. The programme had 4 key objectives:

    • Develop the leadership and commercial skills required for credible successors
    • Attract and retain the best people
    • Develop a ‘ONE’ firm culture where real issues can be shared/solved
    • Prepare more females for entering into partnership

    ICAEW solution

    High-performing senior managers are selected from across regional offices and taken through an intense modular and coaching programme that challenges them to think and behave like commercial business leaders. Delegates leave with increased confidence, better understanding of what it means to be a partner in MHA and personal strategies to achieve success in the role.

    “The biggest benefit has been the mindset change. Individuals now realise they need to be working on the business rather than in the business. The focus for them is growth, clients and strategy rather than technical work, which is exactly the shift I was looking for.”

    Rakesh Shaunak, CEO, MHA MacIntyre Hudson 

    BeavMorgBeavis Morgan’s in-house training programmes

    London-based firm Beavis Morgan’s growth over the last five years presented challenges in integrating and driving business strategy and people development plans. Managing partner, Nigel Haigh, recognised the importance of transforming the culture of the firm to provide clarity, encourage ownership, accountability and identify the future leaders of the business.

    ICAEW solution

    We created a programme for the firm’s newly qualified accountants and supervisors. It quickly transpired that line managers needed to have parallel sessions, to which we responded and designed relevant training and development. The two programmes finished with a joint strategic planning day including all the Partners. It was critical that both groups overcame their challenges and obstacles at the same time so they could support each other to achieve better working practices and make a positive impact on the future direction of the business.

    “The difference is palpable. It has brought about changes that are immensely difficult to make. Our workforce is invested in how the business is advancing, individuals are taking on more responsibility. We’ve had strong feedback from clients on individuals, who they too have noticed the change.”

    Nigel Haigh, Managing Partner

  • Public sector

    Kent County Council’s Finance Business Partnering Programme

    Kent county council had operated a business partner model for a number of years but were looking for a training programme that would outline what effective business partnering looks like – tailored to the needs of the local authority.

    “The training programme that ICAEW delivered was tailored and relevant to us as a local authority. It discussed the concept of business partnering and not just the role at an individual level. The tools and techniques provided will definitely be put into practice at Kent County Council.”

    Kevin Tilson, Finance Business Partner, Kent County Council

    gignhsAbertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board’s Finance Business Partner programme

    Welsh health board, ABMU, recognised the potential to provide even higher levels of service improvement and better patient outcomes through developing their finance teams in becoming effective business partners.

    “I truly believe that I am now in a better position to partner the business effectively at ABMU Board. Attending the programme has given me some headroom to analyse, and reflect on, past and current approaches to the role. This can only enhance how I tackle the challenge going forward. This programme has also allowed me to realise what I, operational colleagues, fellow Business Partners, and indeed the wider Finance function needs to consider for us to move forward together effectively.”

    ABMU Health Board, Finance & Business Partner, Malcom Turner

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In-house training is an effective way to align employees’ professional development to individual, functional and business goals. We have partnered with prominent clients across different sectors to deliver programmes that address both immediate and long term outcomes. Contact us for an initial discussion to find out how we can assist you.

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