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ACA fees

There are fees associated with training to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. These include tuition fees, exam entry and learning materials. Students who have secured an ACA training agreement are generally supported with some or all of these costs by their employer, so this information is also useful for employers. Independent students are responsible for paying the fees associated with their studies.

Student fees

The standard annual student fee is £185 + VAT (if applicable). This fee is paid on registration, where applicable, and then on 1 January each year.

Independent students please note that the date of registration may change the fee paid for that year:

  • When registering between 1 July and 31 October, there will be a half-year fee + VAT.
  • When registering between 1 November and 31 December the full annual fee will apply, but in this instance, the first annual bill will be issued after 13/14 months. 

Annual student fees and exam entry fees

The authorised training employer is responsible for paying the student’s annual registration fees and exam entry fees, unless these have been explicitly passed on to the student. If training ceases, any liability for the student fee remains in place.

Tuition fees

Tuition costs vary depending on the provider used and the location. Also, costs for classroom tuition may differ from those where tuition is provided online or on a one-to-one basis.

ACA exam fees

These vary depending on which exam is taken and are payable upon registering for an exam.

Effective from 1 July 2022:

  • Certificate Level exam fee: £75
  • Professional Level exam fee: £105
  • Advanced Level exam fee: £180
  • Case study exam fee: £270

The exam fees are changing from 1 July 2023 to:

  • Certificate Level exam fee: £80
  • Professional Level exam fee: £112
  • Advanced Level exam fee: £192
  • Case study exam fee: £272

Credit for prior learning

The costs for applying for credit for prior learning are £75 for each Certificate Level exam and £105 for each Professional Level exam. From 1 July 2023, the credit for prior learning fees will change to £80 for each Certificate Level exam and £112 for each Professional Level exam.

Credit is not available for Advanced Level exams.

Students in some countries may be eligible to receive credit at a reduced cost or free. For more information on this please contact us.

Learning materials

ICAEW Workbooks and question banks are now available digitally on ICAEW Bookshelf. The digital workbooks work much like printed books in that students can still write notes on them and highlight them, but with the additional benefits of being able to search for key terms, change the settings to make them easier to read, it even provides a text to speech function. The new ICAEW Workbooks combine our skills and syllabus learning support content with study manual content all one publication, making it easier for students to study.

Students will need to purchase the most up-to-date learning materials for each of the exams studied. It’s a good idea to check with the tuition provider before purchasing any learning materials, as these may be included in their tuition costs.

Learning material costs

As part of the move to digital learning materials, we are able to offer our materials in bundles which include the relevant permitted texts.  

ICAEW invoices

Where costs are being covered by an employer, our annual invoices will be sent to the qualified person responsible for training (QPRT) or authorised training principal unless we are notified otherwise. These will be issued near to the end of the calendar year and will include all students in a training agreement during that year. Employers can contact us for support.