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Corporate Finance Faculty

Access the expertise of ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty and join its professional network of advisers, businesses and investors.

About the faculty

Annual Review Report 2019

This is a review of the Corporate Finance Faculty’s work in 2019. For most of the year, the biggest concern in the UK was the country’s imminent departure from the EU. But for 2020, this year will be remembered for COVID-19.

Board and Technical Committee Members

The Corporate Finance Faculty Board advises the executive staff at ICAEW and contributes to setting the strategic direction for the faculty. The Technical Committee is the Corporate Finance Faculty's technical and regulatory advisory forum.

Faculty member organisations

The Corporate Finance Faculty’s professional network includes more than 7,000 members and more than 80 member organisations. More than 40 per cent of the faculty’s membership is from beyond ICAEW.

Annual Reception 2019

The 2019 Corporate Finance Faculty Annual Reception took place at Painters’ Hall in the City of London, and look forward to our Annual Reception in 2021.

National Security and Investment Bill: comments and insights

Corporate Finance Faculty Tree

Be part of the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty 

We are the largest network of professionals involved in corporate finance. Join chartered accountants and others involved in advisory, investment and business. Membership is open to everyone - non ICAEW members are also welcome to join.


Guidelines, initiatives and training

ICAEW and the creative industries

The creative industries are major contributors to culture, the economy and innovation. They’re fast growing and employ more than three million people – across film, fine arts, design, music, video games, fashion, TV, crafts, publishing, radio, photography and heritage.

Technical releases

Graphs and charts emerging from a tablet screen.

Data Analytics Certificate

Learn powerful Python modelling techniques to evaluate whether a target company is a good investment.