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ESG in Corporate Finance

ESG considerations can have a positive impact on a business’s decisions in relation to transactions. They can also be a driver of transactions as a business’s ESG credentials influence investment and capital allocation decisions.

ESG in transactions and investment decisions

Why does ESG matter in the context of a transaction? How can the ESG impacts of investment decisions be identified and quantified? What ESG credentials and measures are relevant?

Access to latest thinking and sharing of practice can help businesses, advisers and investors to form and refine relevant ESG considerations.

ESG in deals and investment.

Access good practice

The Corporate Finance Faculty’s best-practice guideline, authored by Deloitte, explores the role ESG plays in creating growth, gaining a competitive edge, and accessing affordable capital.

The guideline explains how to:

  • integrate ESG into the M&A process;
  • identify and quantify the value and impact potential of ESG; and
  • use ESG factors to create positive value through the transaction.

Hear from the authors on why ESG matters, and learn from experts as they share their experience of ESG in M&A. Watch the recording of the event which took place in October 2022.

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ESG in deals and investment

ESG assurance

The expectations of financial services organisations and other corporates are changing fast. Profit cannot be the only measure of success – environmental, social and governance principles need to be observed and taken into consideration to satisfy a broad range of stakeholders.
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Modern Slavery

Modern slavery

It is estimated there are more than 40 million people in the world living in conditions of slavery or working under forced or compulsory conditions. In the UK, thousands of cases are reported each year, and authorities estimate there are well over 100,000 victims living in the country.
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The impact of modern slavery
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Corporate finance guidelines

Read our guidelines and reports on best practice and developments in corporate finance.
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