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It can be tough juggling your studies with work, planning for the future and finding time to unwind. That’s where caba can help.

caba is the occupational charity helping the ICAEW community thrive through everyday situations to exceptional life-changing circumstances.

They provide support and advice to ACA students across the globe for physical, mental, legal, and career challenges, including free online resources to help you manage your wellbeing, prepare for your exams and progress in your career.

Any way caba could find to support my wellbeing, they did. I would tell any student who’s feeling under pressure, don’t focus on keeping up a front. Instead, reach out to caba and communicate with your employer as soon as possible

Ted Student

caba's services include:

Mental health - If you’re feeling depressed, stressed or anxious, or dealing with the emotional impact of relationship problems, bereavement or redundancy, talk to a registered counsellor online or over the phone, in total confidence.

Legal advice - If you have an issue relating to family, consumer or employment law - or any other legal matter – caba can help. In England and Wales, free independent legal advice is available over the phone within hours, as well as comprehensive online resources.

Financial health - If you’re struggling to pay your rent or mortgage, keep up with household repairs or pay for everyday essentials, caba can help. Apply for a monthly shortfall grant to tide you over, or a donation to pay for a one-off expense. If debts are getting you down, get in touch with a professional debt adviser at caba, who can provide impartial and confidential advice and work with you to create an action plan aimed at improving your financial situation and alleviating your debts.

Career advice - If you’re struggling with revision, coping with exam failure, aiming for promotion, or need support with your personal development, caba can help. Professional coaching and development courses are on-hand to guide you.

caba’s support is completely free and strictly confidential. For more information visit caba.org.uk.