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Corporate Governance thought leadership

Thought leadership reports written by the Corporate Governance Department

The Corporate Governance team have published three series of thought leadership reports over the last few decades. The first, Beyond the myth of Anglo-American corporate governance, aimed to generate discussion and broaden debate on the differences between US and UK corporate governance systems and help to promote understanding of pressures and opportunities that arise in increasingly international capital markets. This was followed by Dialogue in Corporate governance which presented five questions arising from changes in capital markets and how they affect the foundations of existing corporate governance frameworks:

  1. What should companies be responsible for?
  2. What are the overarching principles of corporate governance?
  3. When is comply or explain the right approach?
  4. How diverse should boards be?
  5. Who should be covered by codes?

More recently Connect and Reflect stated that 'to succeed in the modern world, businesses must move away from defensive old-style news management and corporate positioning. ICAEW argues that if companies embrace a positive approach to corporate governance that ensures they connect with and reflect society, they will reap many benefits.'

The new boardroom agenda

The key to success in any organisation is long term, sustainable growth but managing that is harder than ever. Faster moving, more complex risks – and opportunities – require more assiduous monitoring, more informed decision-making, and much greater coordination among all employees to ensure corporate success.

Our new content series explores the central role board members play in this endeavour and how crucial they are to any organisation’s long term health.

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Displaying 1-16 of 16 results