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Supporting your clients

A strong client relationship is vital to the success of any accounting practice. In this section we have resources about how to develop client relationships, best practices for making referrals and options for providing services to both businesses and individuals.

In this section

Engagement letters

An engagement letter protects the firm by provide a record of the contract between your firm and the client, and minimises the risk of any future misunderstandings between the parties.

Advisory services

Key sources of help available for members in practice from ICAEW and other organisations.

Model documents

The ICAEW Library & Information Service provides example sample documents and other resources, including engagement letters and model accounts.

Probate services

ICAEW is an approved regulator and licensing authority for probate services. This enables us to accredit firms to offer probate services to their clients. Here we explain the benefits of accreditation and the application process, provide support for accredited firms and also information for consumers including a register of ICAEW accredited for probate firms.

Support for insolvency practitioners

Practical guidance for insolvency practitioners, including the latest information on SIPs, helpsheets, and sector news, as well as support on how to market your practice.

Payroll services

Payroll compliance work is an important revenue stream for many practices. On this page we highlight some of the resources and services available from the ICAEW Library & Information Service.

Company law

This page covers selected developments in UK companies legislation, prospective legislation and related matters of professional concern to accountants in practice, industry or commerce.

Ethics and referrals

Regulations regarding referrals and commissions taken from ICAEW's Code of Conduct, Part B: Professional accountants in public practice.

Procurement: Tendering for local audit

This special report has been written to support local public bodies when they are in the process of tendering for external audit services under the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. It is largely based upon recent experiences by accountancy firms, gained in tendering for NHS Foundation Trusts and other public sector procurements, learning the lessons from these procurement exercises.

Public money for the public good

The role of professional accountants is fundamentally about creating trust. Trust that numbers are correctly stated and that a true and fair account has been produced, showing what money has been raised and how that money has been used.

Reporting on public sector performance

The performance of the public sector is in the public eye more and more. Questions about whether the delivery of services is improving, how performance targets are being met and whether public money is being spent economically, efficiently and effectively are at the heart of the debates. Lots of information is now published, but how reliable is this information?