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Client communications

Best practices for accounting firms to communicate with clients.

Delivering client advice during a crisis - tips from an advisory practice expert

In this video, made exclusively for PBA Community members, ICAEW member Dan Crowther discusses how best to deliver advice to clients in this current climate of instability.

Webinars and recordings

Webinars and other recordings for Charity Finance Professionals Community members.

Things I wish I had known before starting my independent career


For the last decade, Alison Dungworth has had a successful portfolio career and is currently a part-time FD for a graphic design business, a Consultant and a Specialist Finance Coach and Mentor. In this article Alison shares with us the things she wished she had known when starting off on her portfolio journey.

Getting ready for General Data Protection Regulation

Ensuring compliance with General Data Protection Regulation is the perfect opportunity to clean up your business’s practices around handling data.

Clients' money regulations

Practice helpsheet outlining the regulations governing the handling, banking and return of money held on behalf of clients.

Better ways to get paid

Best practices for accounting firms to communicate with clients about fees, billing processes and collecting payments.